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A clean, smooth face makes us feel like a million bucks. For some people that means shaving your face. Some of those shaves are going to go horribly wrong, and some are going to make you feel like the ruler of the world. 

Shaving your face comes with risks like nicks and cuts, and the ever-present possibility of ingrown hairs, and shaving rash. But, executed properly, a close shave can beautify your look.

A clean shave means no beard, no stubble: a flawless, close shave that helps your good looks do the talking. Ready? Up next we’re going to tell you about the best ways to get a clean shave for brilliant skin.

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Prepare for a Clean Shave

Make sure that the night before that you have all you need on hand so you can get in and out of the bathroom faster. 

If needed, recharge your shaver and make sure your shaving cream (if you will opt for a wet shave), aftershave, and moisturizer are all there. 

Decide Whether To Have a Wet Or Dry Shave

The decision depends on you— do you want a dry shave or a wet shave? Dry shaving with a shaver is more skin-friendly and less possible to cause nicks and cuts. 

Wet shaving, as long as you don’t forget the shaving foam, is soothing and smooth. Just make up your mind. Don’t stick around for hours in the mirror, looking at your own reflection, questioning life’s purpose.

Wash and Rinse Your Face

Wash and rinse your face so that when as you pick your shaver, it’s already clean. You wouldn’t want a layer of dirt and sweat that lubricates the pores of your skin. 

In order to leave behind smoother skin cells, you can also exfoliate the dead skin cells first for their removal. Using a face scrub to scrub away oil, dirt, and old cells that can matt down facial hair and obstruct the path of your razor is one way to exfoliate.

First of all, don’t have a hot shower, otherwise, your skin would be hot, puffy, sweaty, and impossible to shave. Either way, before going on to the next move, ensure that your skin is dry.

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Shave Firmly But Fairly

Firstly, use a trimmer to cut any long facial hair. Smooth on some shaving foam or gel for a wet, clean shave (including in the shower). You are ready to roll now. 

Start to shave through using circular motions. Go on your first pass with the grain (that means shaving in the direction your facial hair is growing in), then go for a closer shave against the grain afterward. Continue with the grain if your skin is highly sensitive.

To make shaving easier for the shaver blades, remember to gently pull your skin tightly with your free hand, but do not overstretch it. For a close shave, you don’t need a lot of pressure, so aim not to move the shaver too hard against your skin. 

Rinse off the shaver head every 10 to 15 seconds, even though you are doing a dry shave, which helps to remove dead skin, hair, and dirt that might get in the way.

Rinse With Cool Water

Now, rinse with cool water to shut the pores and soothe the skin for post-shave treatment. Then, pat your face dry. 

To make your skin feel smooth and relaxed, use a lightweight aftershave moisturizer made with cocoa butter and shea butter. Before putting on the shaver cap later, wash off the wet shaver head and allow it to air dry.

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Final Words

Shaving any part of your body comes with a bunch of positives and negatives. You can get hair-free skin, but if you shave in the wrong way, you’ll also end up with bumps and blemishes. 

So follow the tips above to get the best results for a clean, shiny whole new hair-free you. 

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