DIY Soap Recipes

    DIY Goat Milk Soap for Soft Skin

    I love having soft skin like silk. But I hate using commercial products to achieve that amazing skin. So, I…
    Face Care

    Homemade Recipes to Prevent Skin Pigmentation

    Skin sports are dark spots caused by harmful effects of the sun. These spots are also known as pigmentation and…
    Body Care

    Vanilla Leg Cream for Dry Skin – Cold Winter Days

    Vanilla leg cream for dry skin; Cold winter days will make our skin drier than ever. Without sufficient moisturising effect,…
    DIY Toothpaste Recipes

    How to Make Homemade Mouthwash to Whiten

    This time I wanted to try a completely different homemade recipe. And I decided to give a shot to homemade…
    DIY Shampoo Recipes

    How to Make Homemade Dry Shampoo Spray?

    We all heard of dry shampoo sprays. Sometimes, dry shampoo can save your life. Especially, if you don’t have time…

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