Learn How to Make Homemade Brow Gel



Big eyes, curled lashes, and thick brows are the perfect combination to make any women’s face shine. There are lots of products in the market that help you transform your Eye-Looks!


These products are a bit less pocket-friendly, and a lot of women don’t wish to spend so much on mascara, eyeliners, or brow gels. Good makeup products can be expensive yet not trustworthy as all of them are not organic. 

Nevertheless, one should not compromise with the feelings of looking beautiful and admirable. There are a lot of DIY’s and hacks that teach you to make homemade spoolie wand eyebrows with essential ingredients available at low prices. Thus, here is a guide explaining the bits and pieces of preparing homemade brow gels.

Learn How to Make Homemade Brow Gel


Ingredients Required For A Glam Brow

The gel brow should include all the key ingredients that give eyes a glamorous look. The magical ingredient to surely have in the list is Aloe Vera Gel, as it provides viscosity to the gel helping in the hair setting the property for hairs of eyebrows. 

Other than aloe vera gel, certain oils should be added to the list. For instance, jojoba oil is harnessed for its combating properties to suit every skin type. Others are rose essential oil for sensitive skin types and lavender essential oil for a vibrating and shinier appearance to the eyes. 

Further, trending with fashion, tinted brow gels are everyone’s current favorite. Cocoa Powder adds a taupe-brownish shade with an outshining finish for those who wish to have a tinted brow; it is perfect for an evening party.

In the case of tinted, it requires nothing but an eye shadow palette that can be used to match the colors according to the brows varying every individual skin like blonde, tan, etc. The perfect examples are charcoal in the case of black brows and beetroot powder for red brunette.

How To Create A “Wow Brow” Gel At Home?

A few simple steps make you no less than an artist of a fantastic brow gel with the essential ingredients at home. Gel brows that are tinted can be finessed in the same steps, just with a tint of shade in it.

Quantities Required

For best results, one must consider the quantities that are to be mixed while prepping up the brow gel. Make sure that it is not too dry or too fluid. 

Thus, mix 1 tbsp Aloe vera gel, ¼ jojoba oil, ¼ lavender essential oil, ¼ rose essential oil, and ½ tbsp cocoa powder or the selected tint shade from the shadow palette for an ideal gel.


Firstly, take a bowl and add aloe vera gel to it. Add in it other oils such as rose essential oil, lavender oil, and jojoba oil with cocoa powder. Stir the mixture well, ensuring that it is consistent and there are no lumps of any kind in the mix. 

On leaving it dry overnight, pour the prepared mixture into a jar or a closed container. It can also be stored in previously used eyebrow gel applicator tubes. The brow gel is ready to apply after it is dry and can be stored in the fridge between its uses or for a longer interval. 

Therefore, be it your casual styling or occasional dressing, home-made tinted or straightforward brow gel makes you look lovely.

Best Uses of Brow Gel

The brow gel you have crafted at home is entirely natural and can be used for various purposes. With a spoolie wand, it can be used as a mascara for smokey eyes that are party-ready. 

For young teenage girls who are obsessed with tipped liners, it is a perfect shot to try. It can also be used as a gel eyeliner with the correct liner brush for making wing and curvy eyeliners for random occasions. 

Learn How to Make Homemade Brow Gel

The Bottom Line

With so many brands and online shopping traditions, makeup is readily available and requires a handsome amount of money to be purchased. To avoid the risk of harmful chemicals and trust issues regarding eye makeup, one can try it at home. 

Home-made eyebrow gel is an all in one alternative for this purpose as it serves multiple benefits. It can be used as mascara, eyeliner, and of course, brow gel to flaunt a stunning style statement.