The Pros and Cons of Getting Lash Enhancement Tattoos



Over the years and in the future, how many hours have you spent and will you spend applying makeup? Permanent makeup could be the ideal solution if you’re sick of putting on makeup each day. 


Eyelash extensions are at the forefront when it comes to success in the processes that enhance the lash line, preceded only by eyelash perms and lifts. But for this reason, there is another (semi) permanent procedure you might regard: a lash enhancement tattoo.

You probably want to know just how it happens, or whether it’s even safe to have permanent makeup. Some even doubt whether, once it is applied, permanent eyeliner can be removed. Some pros and cons of the lash enhancement tattoo are discussed below.

The Pros and Cons of Getting Lash Enhancement Tattoos

What Is a Lash Enhancement Tattoo?

A permanent or semi-permanent treatment involving tattooing the lash line is a lash enhancement tattoo or permanent eyeliner. It can be described as equivalent to microblading. It was once permanent, but it’s semi-permanent today and will fade in two to four years. 


It doesn’t take long for the permanent eyeliner process itself and it requires a tattoo machine, as expected. You may also opt for a cosmetic pen instead.

The latter is slower, but it is more discreet, while the tattoo gun is faster, but it comes with the noise that accompanies it. The process should take about 15 minutes if you want to have the eyeliner added using the tattoo machine.

The technician is going to work on drawing your eyeliner and keeping your lid tight, so you don’t have to think about how much you flinch; that’s fairly natural. In between applications, they can also wipe away pigments, ensuring that it is smooth and clean.


The benefit of applying permanent eyeliner is that it will give you attractive and well-defined eyes. Anytime and anywhere, a person can look fresh; it can enhance one’s confidence. 

It’s also going to save you time. This will save 15 to 20 minutes of daily time that you don’t have to spend applying eyeliner. 

It’s not going to smudge or wipe off. Have you ever looked in the mirror to discover that you’ve got smudged eyeliner? With lash enhancement tattoos, you won’t ever have to think about smudging, smearing, or wiping away the color. 

It can be personalized according to your preferences. Permanent makeup is available in a variety of colors, thicknesses, and types, so you can really select the best look according to your desires.


The Pros and Cons of Getting Lash Enhancement Tattoos
Image Source: @Denitslava Makeup / YouTube

The enduring feature is one of the major drawbacks of this method. In other words, a person’s eye may be permanently enhanced by eyeliner tattoo, to the point where it’s not ideal.

These can sound enticing for people to express themselves. But at the same time, it alters a person’s plain, natural appearance. This may also have negative impacts on the display of outward image and character.

Again, lash enhancement tattoos are also expected to slowly vanish, similar to tattoos, and they are found in the delicate facial areas. So, as the lines are fading away, it could appear messy until you get it re-done. Additionally, re-applying the procedure again is very tedious and costly.

And when needles are involved, there’s always a chance of infection. This is particularly true if the needles used have not been sterilized properly. Individuals may also be allergic to a specific color or type of tattoo ink. These are all things to watch out for.


All in all, there are undoubtedly advantages to having a lash enhancement tattoo, as well as some deterrents. 

All taken into account, is it worth tattooing your eyeliner on instead of just doing a fast swipe every day? That depends on a lot of considerations.