DIY Teeth Whitening Paste with 3 Ingredients



If you are new to these homemade and DIY things, you might be scared. But there is no need to be scared. You will see how fun it is once you dive in this amazing world. In this recipe, I will give you a super easy DIY teeth whitening paste recipe with 3 ingredients. Yes, that is right. We will only use 3 ingredients to make an amazing natural teeth whitening paste.


Our 3 ingredients for this amazing DIY teeth whitening paste recipe are baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and peppermint essential oil. You are confused about hydrogen peroxide right? Don’t worry. I will explain everything.

This is not the hydrogen peroxide we use for bleaching our hair. In this recipe, we will use food grade version of this bleacher. And this amazing ingredient will make our teeth whiter. In addition to that, this ingredient will act like an anti-bacterial agent. This way, all those bacteria on our gum will disappear for good.

I am using peppering essential oil to add some taste. Otherwise, your paste can have bitter taste. But peppermint changes everything. This essential oil will also give a sense of freshness.


Lastly, I will use baking soda. Actually, baking soda is an abrasive. But this property will be visible if you use it too much. Below, I have explained how to use this recipe and how frequent you should use it. When you follow these instruction, you can  whiter teeth.

DIY Teeth Whitening Paste Recipe


  • 1 teaspoon of baking soda
  • 2 teaspoon of 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide*
  • 1 drop of peppermint essential oil

* There is one thing to note about this ingredient. When you are purchasing hydrogen peroxide, you must buy a one that is safe food. Always ask the seller and always read the tags before using this ingredient in your teeth paste recipe.


To prepare this DIY teeth whitening paste, just mix everything in a clean cup. And you are done. Transfer the mixture in a clean container. Start brushing your teeth with this amazing paste.

How to Use Teeth Whitening Paste

You can use this amazing homemade teeth whitening paste once a week. Apply on your brush and brush you teeth like you do with normal toothpaste. Just be careful.

Since baking soda can be abrasive , try to avoid hard moves. Also, try to avoid you gums as baking soda can damage them. Just brush your teeth.