Organic Coconut Oil: Benefits, Use, Homemade Recipe



Candle to Shake the Throne of All Healthy Oils We Know: Coconut Oil

The first coconut shell of our homes fell to our table years ago. And thats itl … I loved this exotic fruit. Of course we knew the most grated, so we saw.


It was once one of the coolest products of coconut grater. Every dessert is put on it, ” cool, asortic ” would make it right. The rice pudding, pudding and more were covered with coconut grated. He appeared on television. Now we know, the first thing we’re going to find when we’re on an island is coconut.

That wasn’t enough. It stepped into cosmetics industry. Shower gel, cream, lip balm, perfumes … The smell created its own fan base. With coconut milk, grated, it’s a backdrop of beauty when it’s so much involved in many areas of our lives: coconut oil.

For many years in a corner of the coconut oil waiting to see as much as others started to see the value it deserves at a time! “Why have we never met it  before?” you complain.


Hmm, what are we standing for? Let’s find out. What is coconut oil, how it is made, how it is used, what are the benefits, let’s learn one.

Let’s not even learn it, let’s carry this flavor to our homes with the most natural organic coconut oil. Shortly, let’s give it  the merit it deserves.

But first … we rewind the story.

Let’s start from the beginning: coconut

” Life of Tree, Kalpavriksha ”. It is known by these names in the regions where it is grown coconut. In other words, the source of everything related to life, the tree of life, providing everything for life itself is called. Because of the fact that he touched every aspect of life from the edge of his life, he took the name because he benefited from his water, from the flesh, from his essence, from the smell in its inner part.

Don’t be fooled to say your name is coconut. Not only in India, but in plenty of sun and water, where the tropical climate reigns, it is this miraculous fruit. Rare fruits that can grow in sandy and salty soils. So we hold these trees by the sea, we see them everywhere.

But a coconut tree does not bear fruit. A 5-6 year old coconut tree begins to give its tiny fruits. By the age of twelfth he starts to experience his most productive age.

It is a separate process to give the fruits, the maturation of these fruits is a separate process. A coconut is maturing in 12 months. But it’s worth the wait. There are 2-3 kg of coconut, which we cannot get enough to eat. Tidying up is also incredibly difficult. In some areas, there is support from trained apes.

You’re likely to come across the coconut both green and brown. There are harvest times according to their use. A full ripened coconut is brown and if it is not harvested it will fall spontaneously into the soil.

Let’s talk about the inner world. It consists of 3 regions. The outer shell (mesocarp), the hard inner part of the shell (endocarp) and the white flesh (endosprem).

We use everything from the white flesh, the water, the essence of this beautiful fruit.

Important issue: Coconut oil

Are every part og a fruit useful? When the coconut is in question, the answer is a big ‘Yes’. One of the other qualities we have to deal with is coconut oil.

So, what is coconut oil? Lauric is a strong fat in terms of acid itself. Now you say ‘What is Lauric Acid?’

Lauric acid, when it enters the body, acts as a part of the immune system. The enzymes it produces prevent fungi and fight against viruses like HIV. This acid is also abundant in coconut oil.

Let’s see how it gets. As we mentioned before, the fruit consists of 3 parts. Oil is obtained from the flesh. This part is crushed, milk is removed. Then the milk is waited for long hours on one side. As a result of some patience and care, the fat layer is separated from the milk and coconut oil appears. This oil layer is called ‘coconut oil Bu.

Coconut oil is solid at room temperature. It is then melted or consumed in solid form.

For those who want organic coconut oil recipe: How to make coconut oil at home?

Homemade coconut oil
How to make coconut oil at home

There are 3 different answers to the question of how to obtain coconut oil. Wet grinding, cooling and boiling.

At the beginning of the most conventional method, wet grinding method comes.

A ripe, brown coconut is splitting with the help of a knife. It’s leaving its  shell. Only the white parts are left. Then it is transferred to the kitchen robot. Well, the crushed pieces pass through a cheesecloth. The remaining liquid is transferred into a jar. It is kept for 24 hours and its liquid and oil are separated. The solid part is ready to use as a coconut oil.

Another method is the boiling method.

Grate the coconut. Transfer to a blender. Add 2 cups of hot water. Mix well. Pour the mixture over the muslin. Separate the fluid and fluid. Boil this liquid until the color is light brown. Then transfer to a container and leave for 1 hour. Result: A jar of coconut oil, ready to use.

The final method is the drying method.

Dry the tiny split, peeled coconut in the sun for 24 hours, or at the lowest setting in the oven for about 8 hours. Pass through the juicer twice. Transfer to a jar and leave for 24 hours. Your fat is ready, like squats.

Using one of these methods, you can easily remove coconut oil in your home and consume it as mushrooms.

What is coconut oil good for: coconut oil benefits

Previously, we talked about the unknown benefits of coconut oil, we have described the use of coconut oil for a long time. In fact, a man experimented on his own experiment 60 days during the coconut oil consumed what is going on in the body, we have studied together.

This time, let’s talk about his miraculous benefits for those who do not know and as soon as possible to get to know the coconut oil. Then come on, let’s explain what a coconut is.

  • It is recommended that people with high blood pressure and high cholesterol should consume because it contains lauric acid. Helps stabilize blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Regulates blood flow.
  • It helps the thyroid glands to work properly.
  • By regulating hormones, it helps you overcome menopause lighter.
  • Supports the reduction of chronic fatigue symptoms.
  • It reduces the pressure on the heart and blood vessels and plays a major role in the protection of cardiovascular health.
  • Prevents interference from intestines.
  • Regulates the intestinal system. Reduces the complaints of diseases such as restless bowel syndrome.
  • Raises good cholesterol.
  • It gives vitality to the body.
  • Strengthens the liver.
  • It is a solution to the headache problems you experience after the morning of alcohol consumption.
  • It helps you lose weight when consumed in controlled amounts.
  • Reduces muscle and joint inflammation. Supports the repair of tissues.
  • Helps to heal quickly.

A unique world: the benefits of coconut oil to the skin

The benefits of our skin alone are a matter of handling. Because coconut oil from our skin, our hair as well as the benefits of the sea. Let’s get started.

Coconut oil is one of the most exquisite makeup cleaners known. Non-stubborn rims, headlights with this oil is a snap. Moreover, it leaves no residue and nourishes the skin.

Isn’t it just a matter of fatigue, reflected in your eyes and under your eyes? What you need to do is very simple. Slightly melt the coconut oil in the solid state and let it rest under your eyes. In this way, the swelling under the eye will be reduced, traces of fatigue will be erased.

It’s a great cuticle remover. Helps moisturize hair follicles. Coconut oil, which you can add to your shampoos or apply to your slightly wet hair, also helps to moisturize your hair. Smells like chocolate. Softens hair, polishes. The hair that everyone admires.

Mix with brown sugar and peel on your face, for example. Wipe off the dirt, makeup remnants in the most natural way. You can also balance the oil and moisture balance of your skin with coconut oil. It also prevents the formation of varicose veins. Great for relaxing massages.

Coconut oil makes your skin beautiful, tightens and gives vitality. And we say “Bravo,  coconut oil.”