Homemade Creme Perfume Recipe


I really enjoyed “Homemade Creme Perfume Recipe” article. Because I will try first perfume cream with smells, aromas, and essences.

I am fond of perfume and essences. When I am about to buy a perfume, I am searching online reviews and ratings about perfumes. I am spending days and even weeks.


Before starting the recipe, I will start some fundamental information.

First, some tips about perfume notes…

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Perfumes has 3 notes. Top- Medium- Bottom notes. Top Notes are the first one smell when we put on the perfume. These are generally volatile and has citrus essence. Medium Notes are the first smell when the perfume starts to wear out. These are what gives identity to perfume. These are flowery, oriental, fresh, wooden, spicy, and fruity smells. Bottom Notes are the longest smells after putting on our perfume.
I would like to give some examples of these notes.


Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Lime, Sage, Tangerine, Orange flower, Mint…
Medium Notes: Rose, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Chamomile, Juniper, Rosemary, Lavender, Gardenia …
Bottom Notes: Sandalwood, Vetiver, Gum tree, Shaved, Amber, Pachuli, Amber…

After these information, I can give the recipe of organic and natural creme/solid perfume.

How to Make Homemade Creme Perfume


  • 1 table spoon sweet almond oil or jojoba oil
  • 1 table spoon wax (1/2 wax and 1/2 coconut oil can be used if desired)
  • Essential oils that will not exceed 30 drops in total
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1We start by melt the wax. We are adding sweet almond oil or jojoba oil which are carrying oil to the wax.

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2We will wait the mixture to cool down and add essence oils. I would like to emphasise one point. My advice for those who are making creme perfume from essence oil will be selecting one oil for top, medium, and bottom notes. Oil ratio for the perfume notes should be like follows:

30% Top note oil
50% Middle note oil
20% Bottom note oil

3That is, if we use 30 drops of oil in total, 9 drops should belong to top note oil, 15 drops should belong to middle note oil, and 6 drops should belong to bottom note oil. This is the golden rule of perfume making.

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4After adding our oil, we are adding the mixture into a lip balm box or a box that will go up as the perfume ends (lipsticks or lip balms). If you leave this mixture to rest couple of hours or 1 day, the essence will get mixed and blend.

That is all. You now have permanent, organic, and homemade creme perfume that you can carry in your purse or pocket. I wish you a nice-smelling day…