Homemade Hair Conditioner



My hair always need conditioner during washing. But I am a bit tired of all those commercial products. And besides, I always love trying new things and making my own recipes. So, for this time, I decided to do my own homemade hair conditioner.


Actually, you can make the cheapest but most effective hair conditioner by using the natural ingredients in your kitchen.

Daily Hair Care Routine

I also want to share my daily hair care routine with you. This may not be good for some types of hair. Everyone has different hair so you better customise this hair care routine.

Generally, while a recipe works perfectly for oily hair, it will not work for dry hair. So, it is always better to know what your hair type is and follow a routine accordingly.


Okay. Let’s talk about my daily hair care routine. Well, it is simple. And it only involves couple of steps. First, I wash my hair with my own DIY shampoo. After this, I apply my homemade hair conditioner.

I gave you the recipe for this hair conditioner below. So, you can also use that one. After that, I just wash my hair with cold water. I always use cold water.

Hot water or slightly warm water may damage your hair roots. So, it is always better to avoid hot water. And the last step is moisturising my hair. For moisturising step after washing my hair, I use magical coconut oil. I use coconut oil once a week and only apply to tips of my hair.

What Can You Use for Natural Hair Care?

Okay. Before starting with our recipe, first I want to talk about which natural ingredients you can use to condition your hair. Well, you have different options. First, you can go for acids like apple cider vinegar, lemon juice or whey.

Also, you can use oils like coconut oil or olive oil. I think if you want to have a natural hair care, olive oil will work like miracle. Also, coconut oil is always a good options for all your care routines. Last option you will have is flax seed. But I don’t recommend using flax seed and I will tell you why in couple of seconds.

What I Have Tried Previously?

Well, if you go out there and do a bit of research, you will see tons of people are using flax seed. I also tried using it. But it was a horrible experience. If you are really curious about it, you can give it a try for once. Probably, you will never do it again.

In flax seed hair conditioner recipe, you are supposed to get a gel like substance. Then, you will strain it and apply on your hair as conditioner. But the problem was about obtaining gel. There was no gel. I only had water and flax seeds. And it did not work well. So, after this failure, I decided to try my own easy hair conditioner recipe.

Homemade Hair Conditioner Recipe

Hair Conditioner
DIY Hair Conditioner Recipe

Hair care is one of the hardest but super cool care routines. Once you find your ideal recipes, your hair will shine and glow. And to do that, you need to know your hair and prepare your own homemade hair conditioner. If you use your own DIY shampoo as well, you hair care routine will be perfect.

Homemade Hair Conditioner Ingredients

  • 2 table spoons of apple cider vinegar (or any acidic ingredient like lemon juice)
  • 16 oz of water
  • Glass jar to store your conditioner

Homemade Hair Conditioner Preparation

All you need to do is to add 2 table spoons of apple cider vinegar to water and shake it well. Your homemade hair conditioner will be ready in less than one minutes. With this amount of recipe, you can use it for couple of weeks.

Also, instead of apple cider vinegar, you can always try some other natural ingredients with acidic content. The important point here is to choose an acidic ingredients. For example, you can add lemon juice instead of apple cider vinegar.

How to Use Homemade Hair Conditioner

There are two options to use your natural DIY hair conditioner. You can either rinse it or just keep it on your hair. For this recipe, I prefer rinsing. This way, my hair always looks softer after washing it.

Also, since we are using vinegar, you might be a bit disturb by the smell of it. Unless you are not going to use a hair care cream with amazing smell, it is best to rinse the apple cider vinegar hair conditioners.