Homemade Multifunction Repairing Creme


All women want clean, spotless, and healthy skin. Environmental conditions, air pollution, unhealthy diet, and sunrays will cause skin spots and other problems. Especially after 35, skin starts to lose flexibility and we are spending tons of money on cosmetics. And we all search for a Repairing Creme.

Cremes on the market are expensive and scary. Since I have sensitive skin, during winter I am experiencing “cold burn” on my face. There are no positive results even though I use dermatologic expensive creams and medication. And I started to search for alternative methods.


I once heard a recipe from my friend. With Madecassol creme and bepanthen creme. I know that both are effective. After aa quick online search, I found different recipes on local and international sites.

When you find an online recipe, you may think that it is right for you. However, when you apply the recipe, the results are frustrating. Generally, the things on the websites and blog pages are wrong! They are sharing copy-paste recipes.

So, I took some advice from an expert friend and created my own recipe. I and using day/night and eye cream for six months and even I couldn’t believe the change on my skin.

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Homemade Repairing Creme Ingredients

Our ingredients are simple and economic. The miracle happens when all of them are combines.

  • 1 tube madecassol creme
  • 1 tube bepanthen/bepanthol creme
  • 12 evicap/Vitamin E capsule
  • 7 avicap/Vitamin A capsule
  • Apricot oil for 1/4 of 50 ml bottle

Also, since not all the vitamin capsules are used, your cost will decrease when you prepare the creme for the second time.

Homemade Repairing Creme Preparation:

1 First, add madecassol creme and bepanthen creme in a clean porcelain or glass cup and mix them. I am using wooden tea mixer.

2 Then, add 12 Vitamin E capsule to the mixture and mix all the ingredients.

3 After than add 7 Vitamin A capsule and mix everything.

4 Lastly, add apricot oil and mix. You multifunctional homemade repairing and regenerating creme is ready.

5 §  You can apply this homemade creme day and night on your face including eye area, and apply homemade tonic. This creme is suitable for all skin types. Apply this mask on your left hand for a week and compare it with your right hand to see the difference.

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I should also add some information about the ingredients.

Madecassol is plant-based regenerating creme. It has anti-aging property for skin spot treatment.

Bepanthene creme has high moisturising property and it is the aspirin of skin.

Vitamin A and E are commonly used in cosmetic. These vitamins are included in all cremes on the market and we also used them in our recipe.

I think the most important part of this recipe is apricot oil as it has Vitamin A, C, and E. You can directly apply this oil on your face and use in different mixtures. Since apricot oil has high Vitamin C, I didn’t add Vitamin C in the recipe.

This has been a long article, but this 10-minute  Repairing Creme recipe will make your skin shine…