Homemade Rose Perfume for Everyday Use


In this post, I will give you super homemade rose perfume for everyday use. If you are also tired of reading all those little labels on the commercial products, give this recipe a try.

Are you ready to smell amazing? And with all natural ingredients.


Roses smell amazing. And it is not that hard to capture that smell and have it on you. Since the rose fragrance is soft, most of the women out there are choosing rose perfume. This natural homemade rose perfume recipe will you that soft smell you are always looking for.

Also, as an attentive, you can change the recipe a bit. Instead of rose petals, if you use lavender petals, you can have homemade lavender perfume for everyday use. Just work your imagination and create your own homemade perfume.

Homemade Rose Perfume Ingredients:

  • 1 cup of fresh rose petals (if you want, you can use lavender petals and make homemade lavender perfume)
  • ½ cup of vodka
  • 2 ½ cup of filtered water
  • Glass jar with lid
  • Glass perfume bottle

Homemade Rose Perfume Preparation:

Add fresh rose petals inside the glass jar with lid. If you will go for the lavender perfume, add lavender petals inside the glass har.


Pour the vodka over these petals. Vodka should cover all the petals and go up about couple of inches.

Wait for 24-36 hours. This way, the mixture will settle.

Then, add filtered water on this mixture. You don’t want to apply just vodka on your skin. Like other perfumes, it is always a good idea to dilute the mixture.

You need to wait for 7 to 10 days for the perfume to settle. If you have time and patience, you can wait for 2 weeks. It is better to wait for 2 weeks so that the fragrance settles much better.

Then, take the mixture to glass perfume bottle and start using your homemade rose perfume.


DIY Rose Perfume
Natural diy rose perfume recipe

Of course, you can try other ingredients like lavender petals. But it is important to use petals. Because these petals can absorb the vodka and give their fragrance to vodka.

If you use essential oil, since these essential oils have high volatility, you may not achieve the fragrance you are looking for.

Also, we are using vodka instead of rubbing alcohol for couple of reasons. First, vodka absorbs the fragrance of petals better than rubbing alcohol.

Additionally, using rubbing alcohol directly on your skin for a long time may cause irritation. For this reason, vodka is a better alternative to make your own homemade rose perfume.