Homemade Under Eye Mask – DIY Amazing Mask Recipe


Under eye bags and swollen eyes are nightmare to most of us. After a tiring day, and if we didn’t sleep enough, swollen eyes are our faith. At the same time, over the years, there are small goosefoot around our eyes. But there is an effective way to prevent swollen eyes and wrinkles. Under eye mask will help you to decrease swollen eyes, under eye bags, and tired look of your face.

It is super easy to prepare egg and coffee mask. Just in 5 minutes, you can make your own homemade under eye mask. Coffee helps decreasing the tired look of your skin. This ingredients also fights against effects of aging with its rich anti-oxidant content.


Egg on the other hand increases collagen production on your skin with protein content. This way your skin and eye area looks younger and more dynamic. When coffee and egg are combined, goose bump look will decrease significantly.

Homemade Under Eye Mask Ingredients:

  • 1 egg white
  • 2 tea spoons of grinded coffee – you can use normal coffee beans and grind them at home or you can use grinded coffee.

Egg and Coffee Under Eye Mask Preparation

Under Eye Mask Preparation
Egg and Coffee Under Eye Mask Preparation


Put egg white and coffee into a clean container.


Mix these two ingredients for about 1 minute until you obtain a foam consistency.



Your homemade under eye mask is ready.

You can apply this amazing homemade egg and coffee mask around your eyes with your fingers or with a brush. Apply the mask around your eyes and under your eyes. You should avoid your eye lids during application. Wait for 10 minutes until the mask dries.

Clean the mask with a wet towel. You can also use cotton disks to clean the mask. After cleaning the mask, complete your eye care with a moisturiser.

Since this mask contains egg, it is not suitable for storing. To decrease your swollen eyes, you can apply this mask once a week. You need to prepare a new mask in each application. If you observe any allergy, clean the mask immediately.

Some people may be allergic to egg. So, to prevent all allergic reactions, you can try this mask on your hand first. If you don’t experience any redness or itchy feeling, you can easily apply this homemade under eye mask.