How to Make Homemade Body Wash?


You know I love making natural and homemade cosmetics products. I have tried various recipes like body scrubs, body cremes, make-up products, and many more. This time I wanted to make a little change. So, I decided to make my own homemade body wash.

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This body wash will make your skin softer than ever. And it will also nourish your skin. When you start using this amazing recipe, you will not stop using it. Natural homemade body wash will become your next favourite body care product.


I know that all of you want a soft and white skin. And it is no longer a dream. With this magnificent homemade body wash recipe, you will have the soft skin you have always dreamed of. This body wash recipe is extremely easy.

You can just have your own body wash in tow minutes. Yes, I am not joking. Two minutes will be more than enough for a natural body wash. As you all know,

I am using easy to obtain products for my DIY recipes. This will be no different. For this homemade body wash, you will find all the ingredients easily in your local stores. Also, never forget the scope of online shopping. In this recipe, I did not use coconut oil. But instead, I replaced it with coconut milk. Because this time, I wanted this recipe to have liquid form as it is a body wash. Coconut milk has almost the same moisturising effect as coconut oil.


Homemade Body Wash Ingredients:

  • 1/2 cup of full-fat and unsweetened coconut milk
  • 2/3 cup of castile soap
  • 3 tea spoon of Vitamin E oil or 1 Vitamin E oil capsule
  • 5 drops of essential lavender oil
  • 2 tea spoons of vegetable glycerine (optional)*
*Glycerine is used for increasing the consistency of the mixture. Vegetable glycerine is perfectly safe for health. However, you can skip this ingredient and still have and enjoy your amazing homemade body wash.
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Homemade Body Wash Preparation:


Add coconut milk, castile soap, Vitamin E, essential lavender oil, and vegetable glycerine (if you want to use this ingredient) into a bottle.


Shake the bottle to mix all the ingredients.


Enjoy your natural homemade body wash

This homemade body wash will make miracles. But you should remember one important thing while you are using this body wash. Since this natural body wash has coconut milk, it is extremely important to consume this cosmetics product within one week.

Otherwise, this homemade beauty product will spoil. And you should also note that you should keep this homemade body wash in fridge. This is also due to coconut milk in the recipe. You should always be careful when you are using coconut milk. If you consume the homemade product within a week, you will not experience any problem.

There are other durable homemade body wash recipes I made as well. If you are searching for a more durable recipe with a longer storage time, you can check my other homemade body wash recipes.

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