How to Make Homemade Lip Stain?


Before I came up with homemade lip stain idea, I was searching for an organic and natural lip stain that will give my lips the red colour I have always wanted. Unfortunately, none of the products on the market were suitable for me. Not because they don’t have this bright and attractive red colour. It was because most of the commercial lip stains container chemicals that I don’t want to apply to my face. I was sure. I was going to make my own homemade lip stain.

So, I started searching for what can I use for my natural DIY lip stain. Again, I decided to use foods in my kitchen. What could give the colour I want than the food in the kitchen. They already have vivid reds and pinks. Yes, they were going to be my main ingredient in homemade lip stain.


But, there was a problem. How was I supposed to use the colours? At that moment, I though of using tea bags. I was drinking my usual herbal tea when I saw the red colour it left on the glass. And I remembered how hard it was to clean that red colour. This made me think that “why don’t I use these tea bags for homemade lip stain”. That was how I though of using strong coloured red tea bags. The results are amazing.

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Since these tea bags can be bought anywhere, you can easily make your natural homemade lip stain. Also, when you get used to making you own homemade recipes, you will start playing with your own ingredients. After the ingredients and preparation, I gave some ideas how you can change the ingredients and make your own homemade lip stain.

Homemade Lip Stain Ingredient:

  • 2 or 3 tea bags that produce strong red colour*
  • 1 cup of boiling water
  • 1 water pot
  • small container
*Tea bags that give strong red colour will give you brighter red colour. You choose Acai Berry or Cranberry tea bags for this application.

Homemade Lip Stain Preparation:


Brew the tea in boiling water for 20 to 30 minutes.



Boil this water again until you obtain a red liquid.


Transfer the remaining red liquid into a small container.

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Enjoy your homemade lip stain.

You can use this homemade lip stain as a regular lipstick. Also, you can pour the mixture in a liquid lipstick container. This way it will be easier to apply. Since this homemade lip stain has strong red colour, applying with your fingertips will leave red marks on your fingers. To avoid such red marks, use a brush for application. Using a brush will help you achieve more lipstick like look with your lip stain.

Also, you can improvise with the ingredients. For example, if you want a lipstick like homemade lip stain, you can add coconut oil. Coconut oil will act like carrier oil and give the lip stain lipstick look. You can also change the tea bag into beet juice. This way you will achieve a red colour that looks like a homemade lipstick.

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