How to Make Homemade Make-Up Remover


In my next natural DIY make-up product experiment, I decided to make my own homemade make-up remover. Where did this idea come from?

First, we all use make-up removers. But finding the most natural and powerful make-up remover can be challenging. As all of you, I am spending hundreds of dollars to the best products on the market. And even these products are not natural and contain certain chemicals that are harmful for the body and skin.


When I read the label of the recent make-up remover I have purchased, I was both shocked and angry. There were various harmful ingredients in the so-called natural product. Some of these ingredients were xylitol, butylene glycol, benzyl alcohol, and anhydroxylitol. So, I made up my mind to try my homemade make-up remover recipe.

I make a research about possible recipes to make my own natural make-up remover recipe. So, most of these cosmetic recipes were using almond oil.

Almond oil is beneficial for the skin and eye-lashed. I knew that. And I made a little research on almond oil. As it turns out, almond oil can be used on sensitive skins as well. I was thrilled about this. Because my skin is sensitive, and I need to be fussy about the products I use. And, I also need to be picky about the ingredients I use in my homemade natural cosmetic products. So, this was great news.


Also, almond oil was one of the ingredients that fights against acne. So, this was double great news. When I read the benefits of almond oil, I was super excited to make my new make up remover. The only remaining thing was to select the essential oil for the make up remover. You can use any of the oils I listed below.

Homemade Make-Up Remover Ingredients:

  • 50-60 mL (or 2 oz.) of almond oil
  • 4-5 drops essential lavender oils – you can also use essential frankincense oil, essential myrrh oil or essential elemi oil

Homemade Make Up Remover Preparation:


Take a clean bottle that is slightly larger than 50-60 mL (or 2 oz.).


Add almond oil into this bottle.


Add essential lavender oil in almond oil.


Shake all the ingredients to mix them properly.


Enjoy your natural homemade make-up remover.

You should keep your natural make-up remover in a dry and slightly cool environment. This is recommended as your homemade make-up remover will consist of essential oils.

The preservative ingredients in the commercially available make-up removers are not used. So, this means that your natural make-up remover will be more sensitive to sun and heat changed. To prevent any type of spoiling, you can produce the amount you need. And you can make a new homemade make-up remover batch when you finish what you have.

You can try different essential oils to find the one you like. Essential oil will only change the smell of the homemade make-up remover. The make up removing strength of this natural make-up remover will remain the same.