How to Make Homemade Rose Water?



Rose water is one of the most beneficial cosmetic products on the market. But, make-up brands are adding preservative ingredients in bottled products. And, I hate spraying artificial products on my skin. So, I decided to make my homemade rose water.


This natural and homemade rose water recipe is extremely easy. And you can make it any time you want. Since rose water is my favourite skin product, I am extremely happy with my new recipe. Let’s see the benefits of homemade rose water, how to use this miraculous product, and the ingredients and preparation of DIY homemade rose water.

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Many women prefer rose water as an essential cosmetic product. And rose water works in magic. For example, some of the benefits of rose water can be as follows.

Most importantly, rose water helps tightening the pores. All woman wants smaller pores that make their skin look smooth. When you apply rose water regularly, you will see the improvement. Moreover, rose water will balance the pH level of the skin. This way the oily look on your skin will disappear over time. Also, when used for a long time, natural rose water has anti-aging properties. The freshness also counts as benefit.


Homemade Rose Water Ingredients:

I have listed ingredients for homemade rose water under two titles. This natural rese water recipe requires some utensils. You can improvise and use the utensils you have in your kitchen.

Ingredients for Rose Water:

  • Filtered or distilled water
  • Dried rose petals – you should use red rose
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  • Funnel
  • Bowl – glass will be a better option
  • Spray bottle – you can reuse the bottles you have.
  • Muslin or similar cloth bag

Homemade Rose Water Preparation:


Boil the water in a small-medium pot.


Add dried roses to the boiled water.


Cover the pot with dried roses.


Cook dried roses until the colour of the water and roses change.


Take the pot from heat.


Strain the mixture using the muslin (cloth bag) to the bowl.


Add the resulting water into spray bottle.


Enjoy your homemade rose water.

You can keep your natural and homemade rose water seven days at room temperature. If you want to store the rose water in the fridge, this mixture will last for 3 or 4 weeks. However, you should remember that the expiration of this homemade rose water is shorter than commercial rose water products. With all the ingredients at hand, you can make a new rose water any time. So, it is better to make the amount you will consume in one week.

You can apply your own homemade natural rose water by spraying on your face. Later, you can massage your face with your fingertips. Or, you can use a cotton to spread the natural rose water to your skin. On the other hand, DIY rose water can be used as tonic in your daily skin care routine. With various benefits, rose water is one of the ideal facial tonics to balance your skin.

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