How to Make Homemade Setting Spray


I couldn’t even imagine myself without setting spray. If you have oily skin, you are probably feeling like me as well. Setting spray will save your life when your skin gets oily in the middle of the day. Generally, I hate using commercial products. So, I made my own homemade setting spray.

When you make your natural setting spray, you can easily carry it around wherever you go. You can prepare yourself a small bottle. This way, you are not limited with those bulky large commercial products. What is more, you can always try new homemade setting spray recipe. Say hello to the world of freedom. Homemade cosmetics will give you the freedom to improvise.

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When you become and expert DIY maker, you will come up with your own recipes. But, for now, you can follow my super cool homemade setting spray recipe below.

In this recipe, I am using glycerine. Don’t worry. It is perfectly safe. Since I don’t have any chemicals in my homemade setting spray, glycerine will be the perfect ingredient to settle down your skin. I am using this ingredient just for one reason. It will keep the oily away from your skin. Just a few drops of glycerine in the homemade setting spray recipe will show the magic work.

I am also using a toner to balance out the pH levels of the recipe. You can use your own homemade toner or buy an organic and natural toner from the market. Here, I will use my own Aloe Vera toner. You can feel yourself free when it comes to toner. If you like rose or lemon, you can choose one with those ingredients. Remember. DIY homemade cosmetics is all about doing what you want.


If you keep your old spray bottles from your previous purchases, it will be easier to store your homemade setting spray. The bottle should have a sprayer. Otherwise, it could be quite hard to apply the setting spray. Also, you can buy one empty spray bottle and use it for your recipe. The amount of the bottle will depend on you. I used 100 mL because I had that in my hand.

Homemade Setting Spray Ingredients:

  • 80 ml of filtered or distilled water
  • 10 to 15 drops of 100% glycerine
  • 20 ml of toner
  • Empty Spray Bottle
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Homemade Setting Spray Preparation:


Add filtered water, glycerine, and toner inside the spray bottle.


Shake the bottle to mix the ingredients.


Enjoy your homemade setting spray.

When you are choosing the toner for homemade setting spray, you have couple of options. In my opinion, Aloe Vera based toners work perfectly. Also, you can try rose based toners. Both of them will give you the sense of refreshes you need. When you add Aloe Vera based toner or rose based toner in your homemade setting spray, your make up will also settle better after the application. You always have another option. You can make your own homemade toner. This way, you will get the ultimate homemade skin care.

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