Homemade Lavender Body Spray with Lemonade


When you read the lemonade, you were excited right? Today, we will make an amazing homemade lavender body spray with lemonade. But actually we will not add real lemonade. It will be a lemon essential oil instead.

Body sprays are perfect cosmetics products for hot summer days. Or in fact any other day you want to fell fresh. Just a couple of sprays and you are good to go. So, I decided to combine different essential oils and make my own lavender body spray with lemonade.


Of course, you can always change the essential oils and create different recipes. This recipe is simple, fun, and exciting. You will be addicted to this amazing spray and want to use it every day.

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Lavender Body Spray Ingredients:

DIY Lavender Body Spray
Homemade Lavender Body Spray Ingredient
  • ½ cup of Orange flower essence or water
  • 1 table spoon of Vodka
  • 20 drops of Lemon essential oil
  • 5 drops of Lavender essential oil
  • 5 drops of Sandalwood essential oil
  • Clean and empty spraying bottle

How to Make DIY Lavender Body Spray with Lemonade


Add lemon essential oil, lavender essential oil, and sandalwood essential oil in the clean and empty spray bottle.


Then add vodka and orange flower essence water to this mixture.



Shake the spray bottle well to mix all the ingredients.


Enjoy your homemade lavender body spray with lemonade.

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Caution! Since we are using vodka to create the sense of freshness, you need to avoid using this spray on your face. We are using vodka instead of normal rubbing alcohol because vodka can absorb the essential oils better.

Also, it can easily vaporise and create a sense of freshness. Additionally, rubbing alcohol may irritate your skin if you use it for a long time.

You can easily use this amazing lemonade and lavender body spray when you want to feel fresh. You can mix up the ingredients and make your own DIY lavender body spray as well.