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Least Likely to Contain Pesticide Residue

Different chemicals are used to protect plants against weeds, insects, fungi and other harmful substances. It can also be used to protect the people from diseases like various insects and  mosquitoes.

One of the most dangerous substances for human health is pesticide. Reproductive disorders, immune system or nervous system problems and can have effects such as cancer. To allow the use of pesticides, all effects should be tested and the effects of the results on people should be evaluated.


Research on pesticides classifies pesticide as neurotoxic (can cause brain damage), teratogenic (can affect the fetus negatively) and carcinogen (can make cancer). “Hazard identification” of this process that we call “risk assessment” is the beginning of the process.. The definition of an offense is that substances are separated by the International Cancer Research Agency (IARC), the cancer research institution of the World Health Organization, according to their carcinogenicity.

The same chemicals can have different effects on the dose taken, depending on the amount of chemical that the subject is exposed to. Also according to the form of exposure, for example, intravenous, by ingestion or by breathing