Only Refined Carbohydrates Cause of Weight Gain

Are Carbohydrates Dangerous?

Carbohydrates are seen as a direct cause of weight gain. “Carbohydrate? No thanks, I’m on a diet ”is the line we hear most.

Nowadays the slogan is: “only refined carbohydrates cause of  weight gain”

Wholemeal pasta is seen as a healer who saves the world, while white pasta is falling. When we look at nutritional values, white rice and brown rice have the same calorie.

There is a much more important difference between these nutrients. Fiber. More fiber and less refined foods offer greater toughness. Still, there may be those who want to eat too much. One thing to watch out for is what we eat. A plate of white rice may contain more fiber than what we eat with.

If you can’t get rid of carbohydrates, you can get less calories and be healthier by eating vegetables that contain plenty of fiber.

Don’t ignore the weightloss you’ve given as a BONUS 🙂