See This Recipe For DIY Makeup Setting Spray

Anyone who wears makeup knows that keeping it on for the long haul is a struggle. One of the tried and proven ways of keeping your makeup perfect is through the help of a setting spray. 

The beauty of using a setting spray goes beyond placating and ‘setting’ your carefully placed makeup. It also helps keep your makeup from moving, as well as lending a slight glow on your face and removing the extra layer of powder. 

These days, more and more individuals are investing in setting sprays in their kits. If you’re interested in learning how to make a DIY makeup setting spray, read on to find out.

See This Recipe For DIY Makeup Setting Spray



Why Resort to DIY Cosmetics?

Setting spray is one of the fastest moving items in any beauty lover’s kit. While it is certainly designed to be spritzed on your face ever so lightly at the end of your routine, people also use it to freshen their faces throughout the day. 

Using a few spritzes of this item midday allows individuals to get their much-needed pick-me-up to power through the day. Because of constant use, purchasing this item can be particularly heavy on the wallet. 

Apart from its affordability, one main contention to using mass-produced and conventional setting sprays is that it contains harsh chemicals. These formulations, in turn, can harm the skin and cause unwanted reactions. 

With most being designed to coat the skin with a protective layer to seal in the makeup, some chemicals in these formulas are known not only to clog pores but also to cause acne in the long run. 

These can also damage the moisture barrier by removing the natural moisture from the skin, especially those that have high alcohol content. 

DIY Makeup Setting Spray Recipe

The most popular and most affordable formula for a DIY makeup setting spray is one that only requires minimal ingredients. These include distilled water and glycerin. 

You can also add rose water to the mix if you’re fond of the smell and its hydrating and soothing properties, but this is totally optional. 

What You’ll Need

As mentioned, to make this, you’ll only need the following.

  • Distilled water
  • 2 teaspoons of glycerin
  • 3 teaspoons of rose water (optional)
  • Atomizer or spray bottle


Once you have all the necessary ingredients on hand, you can now start combining the ingredients. For this recipe, you need to fill the atomizer or spray bottle until it reaches halfway or until it is two-thirds full. 

If you’re interested in using rose water, you can start by adding a minimum of 3 teaspoons and work your way up if you want this to be fully infused in the setting spray. 

However, if you’re not incorporating rose water, you can easily move towards adding the 2 teaspoons of glycerin. Add only a small amount. A good rule of thumb would be to use three parts water to one part glycerin and adjust accordingly depending on your needs. 

Bear in mind that adding more glycerin gives your skin a dewier appearance while holding back on it can produce a more matte look. Add the atomizer cap back on and shake until the mixture is well incorporated. 

Make a small batch that you can use within a particular period as this recipe can turn rancid in a few weeks’ time. To prolong its shelf life, you can try refrigerating it (along with other skincare essentials) and take this out on a hot day for a refreshing spritz. 

See This Recipe For DIY Makeup Setting Spray


The Bottom Line

Creating DIY yourself beauty products can make you feel good about the products you use on your body because of all natural ingredients. With this recipe, you can help your makeup stay on all day (and all night) long.