Rice Flour for Skin Whitening


Do you want to have an amazing looking skin? Now, I have this amazing solution for you. Have you ever heard of rice flour for skin whitening? If you haven’t, just check this out. I have this amazing homemade recipe with rice flour that will make your skin whiter.

Before giving my super effective recipe, I want to talk about some benefits of rice flour. Rice flour is commonly used for hair care. This amazing ingredient helps hair growth. And what is more, it helps your hair to look shiny and soft. So, there are different rice flour for hair care recipes. Also, there are different recipes for rice flour for skin whitening.


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One of the greatest benefit of rice flour for skin is that it helps removing dark circles. If you are suffering from dark circles, a quick rice flour mask will make you look so much better. Also, this ingredient offers protection against harmful effect of sunlight. Rice flour can protect against UV at certain level.

Another important benefit of rice flour for skin is it reduced the effects of age. Rich mineral structure of the rice flour will help your look younger and healthier. And for these reasons, it is always used for skin whitening. There are some commercial cosmetics that has rice flour. But, instead of using chemical products, I have a much better solution for you. This easy rice flour for skin whitening mask will only take couple of minutes.

Rice Flour for Skin Whitening
Rice Flour for Skin Whitening Ingredients
  • ¼ cups of white rice flour
  • ¼ cups of water

Rice Flour for skin Whitening Preparation

Rice Flour for skin Whitening
Rice Flour for skin Whitening Preparation


Add ¼ cups of white rice flour to a clean bowl.



Add water on the white rice flour. You should add water until you obtain a paste like structure.


Mix white rice flour and water well.

After completing your mixture, you can start using rice flour for skin whitening recipe. All you need to do is apply the rice flour like facial mask. Apply a thin layer of mixture to your face. You should avoid contact with eye and lip area.

Wait for 20 to 30 minutes. The rice flour mask will dry on your face. Clean the mask with warm water. Also, you can use cotton pads to remove the mask. After cleaning the mask, dry your face gently.

When you apply natural DIY rice flour for skin whitening mask, you can also apply a moisturiser afterwards. It is always good to moisturise your skin. I am using my homemade coconut oil moisturiser after rice flour mask.

This way, my skin feels younger. And I smell amazing. You can try to make your own homemade moisturiser to apply after this natural rice flour face mask. I always recommend using natural and homemade products as they are healthy.

Also, since this mask has no chemicals or any other harmful ingredients, you can apply it 2 or 3 time a week. If you have sensitive skin, you may apply the mask for 2 times per week.