Things to Consider When Preparing and Using Recipes



Preparing Recipes

  • Store the materials in their original packages with their original label.
  • To prevent children to reach the material and drying, make sure you have all you need at hand.
  • Make sure than volatile oils are obtained from cold press rather than distilled.
  • Please remember that volatile oils are strong and powerful. Make sure that you use the oils at recommended amounts and avoid direct skin contact.
  • If you have sensitivity for a plant or fruit (ex, nut oil), please make sure to be careful.
  • Never touch laundry soda with bare hands.
  • Please avoid metals (copper, iron, silver, brass, bronze, lead) to contact with oxygen based bleachers.
  • There are some researches that show high dose of borax causes reproductive disorders. Although we use very low amounts, the choice to use borax or not depends on you.


  • Make sure to store the materials in glass jars and always close the jar.
  • If the recipe is prepared with heat, make sure the mixture cools down before you close the jar.
  • If you will reuse the packages of the ingredients, make sure your wash them thoroughly and clean all chemical traces.
  • Make sure to add label that indicates the ingredient of the mixture.


  • Please do not use acids (ex, vinegar, lemon juice) on marble surfaces, computer screens, non-enamelled iron, or aluminium pots.
  • Please make sure carbonate (sodium bicarbonate) and laundry soda (sodium carbonate) do not contact with aluminium materials.
  • Remember that using acids (ex, vinegar), and alkali (ex, carbonate) will cause foaming and decrease the effects.
  • Never mix bleach (sodium hypochlorite) and products that may contain bleach (certain dish soap, disinfectants, scouring powder, toilet cleaning agents) with acid and ammonia. Remember that these mixtures will produce extremely poisonous gases. It is recommended to eliminate bleach.
  • Never use oxygen-based bleachers on silk and wool cloths.


  • Keep these mixtures away from food, children, and pets.
  • To avoid accidental spill or contact with children, remove the material once you finish your task.
  • Especially when you prepare recipes with milk and other food and beverages, keep these mixtures in the fridge and consume as soon as you can to avoid microorganisms.