Fight Against Nail Fungus with Natural Turmeric Recipe



Turmeric for nail fungus; Due to advanced medical properties, turmeric can fight against nail fungus and make your nails stronger.


Nail fungus can occur on hand and feet nails. Medical term for this disease is onychomycosis.

This disease is a type of infection caused by skin fungus or any type of fungus when suitable environment is supplied.

Nail fungus is extremely common among people. Although there are few ways to prevent this disease, most of the people experience this disease at least once in their life.


Even though this is generally not a serious problem, fungus can weaken the nails, cause nails to break, and in extreme cases completely remove the nail.

Additionally, some people may feel pain when they use different shoe types. In following days, yellowish and non-aesthetic nail will come with this pain.

Thanks to natural fungus killer turmeric, this disease can be healed in a natural way.

In this article, we would like to explain why this component is extremely effective against fungus and how to use it to fight nail fungus.

Turmeric for nail fungus. Make your pens and papers ready!

Natural Turmeric Treatment to Fight Against Nail Fungus

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a species in ginger gamily and this family is known as zingiberaceae.

Since ancient times, turmeric had been beneficial and valuable food for high nutritional content and health benefits. In long term, this food is beneficial both from inside and outside and helps you to preserve your health.

Turmeric is used as colouring agent or herb in various dishes and it is one of the indispensable foods in the kitchen.

This herb is generally cooked. But at the same time, this herb is number of ingredient of different DIY projects.

Why Should You Use Turmeric for Nail Fungus?

Turmeric has interesting effects to treat nail fungus.

Turmeric not only fights against microorganisms that cause fungus, but also reduces fragility of your nails, and helps preventing colour change on nails.

Curcumin, main active component, had anti-fungal and anti-bacterial effect to help preventing fungus development.

Additionally, it provides additional nutrition of nail and surfaces around nail. This way, your nails are stronger and will not break.

With vitamin, antioxidant, and mineral content, this herb is the perfect thing to prevent damages due to constant contact with chemicals.

How to Prepare Turmeric Treatment to Fight Against Nail Fungus

While using turmeric to fight against nail fungus, we recommend adding coconut oil to increase the benefits.

This mixture was antibacterial and antifungal components. When this mixture is absorbed by your nail, fungus development will stop.

Additionally, basic fat acids and antioxidants will moisturise your nail and nourish the skin surrounding your nail. This way, excessive dryness and breaking on your nails will be controlled.

  • 3 table spoon of organic coconut oil (45 grams)
  • 3 table spoons of turmeric powder (30 gram)

  • Glass cup with cover

  • Melt the completely organic coconut oil.
  • Then, add turmeric powder.
  • Mix these ingredients until you obtain cream-like mixture.
  • Then, remove the mixture from heat.
  • Wait for couple of minutes. Pour the mixture in the cup when it is warm.
  • When the mixture is solid, you can directly apply on your nails.

  • Take this turmeric mixture and apply it on your nail with fungus.
  • Wait for 30-40 minutes for your nail to absorb this mixture and rinse your nail.
  • If you want, you can also apply this mixture on your heels or other areas that may be sensitive for fungus infection.
  • Repeat this treatment every day until you achieve a visible change on your nails.

And Lastly!

To obtain the best results, in addition to turmeric treatment, try to wear well-ventilated shoes and be careful about hygiene.

Avoid to contact your feet with damp environment. Unfortunately these will cause fungus growth.

If you contact with fungus, make sure to clean your shoes and socks.

Avoid sharing your personal belongings:

  • soap
  • nail clipper
  • towel
  • nail polish
  • nail varnish

Lastly, we recommend following a healthy diet. This way, you can make your immune system stronger against fungus and bacteria.