Underarm Shaving Tips to Avoid Nicks and Burns



If you want your underarm hair to fly free – no judgement – but if that’s not your thing then getting rid of it can be a whole ordeal. Do not be fooled by the small surface area- underarm shaving comes with its own set of rules.  


There’s the sensitive skin, its hollow form, and the uncomfortable way you need to contort your body to reach them, to begin with. It can seem pretty easy, but it becomes a struggle if you want the closest, smoothest shave possible.

However, if you use the appropriate supplies and prepare your skin accordingly, you will mitigate these issues. If you’re looking for armpit shaving tips to avoid nicks and burns, you’ll appreciate our tips up next. 

Underarm Shaving Tips to Avoid Nicks and Burns
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Apply an Oil

Moisturizing the skin under your arms softens it up, so when you shave, there is less chance of discomfort. However, instead of a standard moisturizer, you want to use one that provides more intense hydration. 


This is why, at least 24 hours before you intend to shave, it helps to add oil. You want to give the oil enough time to be absorbed by your skin.

Exfoliate the Area

Every time you shave, exfoliating first to eliminate dead skin cells is a smart option. That works to get the hair under your arms closer to the surface so that you can get a clean shave. 

To gently exfoliate your underarms before shaving, use a mild exfoliating scrub or body wash on a washcloth. Use circular motions when you apply the exfoliator to your underarms, ensuring you cover the full surface.

Use a Shaving Cream

Since the skin under your arms is so delicate, when shaving, it is necessary to use a moisturizing gel or cream over a soapy wash, which can dry the area out, resulting in a more unpleasant shave. 

To help your razor glide consistently without having any nicks, prepare each pit with a creamy product. 

If you are susceptible to irritation in your underarm region, be sure to select a shave gel or cream that is specifically formulated for sensitive skin.

Choose the Right Razor

The razor you choose to use makes a lot of difference, first and foremost. 

One with a pivoting handle, based on the location of your underarm, helps you to access the region easily and conform to all its curves as you glide the razor over your skin. 

In addition, the way to go is to pick a multiple-bladed head for an amazingly-close shave (no hair left behind).

Replace Your Blade Often

Having a dull blade will need more pressure to be exerted, which can lead to irritation. That’s why switching your blade out regularly is necessary. The rule of thumb is typically after three or so uses. 

After each pass, rinse it under warm water so that hair and debris will not be caught between the blades. To prevent the growth of bacteria, store your razor in a cool, dry spot, which will help extend your razor head’s life.

Shave in the Right Direction

Although the hair on your legs generally grows in one direction, it grows in all different directions under your arms. 

To avoid having to go several times over the same small area of sensitive skin, with a sharp blade, lift your arm, pull the skin taut, and shave in any direction to get the softest finish – up, down, sideways, against, and with the grain.

Underarm Shaving Tips to Avoid Nicks and Burns
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Bottom Line

Don’t take your armpits or granted; just because they are just small areas. The armpits can pose problems when shaving because of where they are situated. Youve got sensitive skin, curved surfaces, and a difficult place to shave. 

Use the tips above to make everything easier while achieving smooth, hair-free skin.