What are Shea Butter Benefits for Hair?


Shea butter benefits or benefits of raw shea butter to be more specific are high. If you want to grow your hair with natural ingredients, this butter is your thing.

Most of the commercial brands are using this butter in their hair products. But, since these commercial products are full of chemicals, you are neutralising the benefits of Shea butter. In this case, you can use raw Shea butter and make your own Shea butter recipes for hair care.


In addition to hair, raw shea butter benefits to skin. So, when you buy this butter, you can easily make different DIY cosmetics and use it for your hair and skin.

Shea butter is obtained from an African tree. This tree is called African shea tree and the name of the butter comes from that. The healing power of shea power comes from two fatty acids which are oleic acid and stearic acid.

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How Can We Take Advantage of Shea Butter Benefits?

She butter is commonly used in homemade natural cosmetic products. So, if you want to use this butter, you can make a homemade hair conditioner, body lotion, or any other product you want.


Additionally, this butter is the raw material of homemade makeup products as well. Shea butter is often used for increasing the consistency of homemade products. Also, it is often used as carrier oil. Just like coconut oil, Shea butter is one of the most common ingredients. It is possible to see this ingredient in almost all homemade cosmetics recipe.

Shea Butter
Raw Shea butter and refined shea butter

There is a difference between raw Shea butter and refined Shea butter.

It is always better to use raw form. Unrefined or raw Shea butter is directly extracted from seeds. And in this process, no chemicals are used. So, it is possible to say that raw or unrefined Shea butter is the most natural form.

On the other hand, refined shea butter is extracted with chemicals. These chemicals are pretroleum or other type of chemicals. In this case, moisturising effects and shea butter benefits are decreased.

Shea Butter for Healthy and Shiny Hair

Shea butter is the best friend of your hair. This amazing shea butter benefits your hair so much that you will always want to use it.

This butter will become the must use products of your daily life. So, let’s see why we need Shea butter for healthy and shiny hair.

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When you use Shea butter in raw form, it will moisturise your skin and hair. Also, this butter doesn’t have the greasy feeling of other butters and oils.

We all know that the main problem with using natural oils and butters is the greasy feeling. But in case of Shea butter, you will not experience such thing. Shea butter in the raw form has rich Vitamin A and Vitamin E supplies.

We know that Vitamin A is beneficial for skin. And it will accelerate regeneration of this skin. Also, this butter is commonly used to reduce the effects and problems of scalp related diseases like drandruff.

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