Calendula Soap Recipe for Softer Skin


If you want softer skin or if you have any acne problem, this recipe will solve all these. Calendula soap for softer skin is the best way to clean your skin. And since all the ingredients are natural, this soap will have no harmful effect to your health. You can easily use it to wash you children.

It is known that calendula soap is beneficial for minor wounds as well as cuts. The soap has antiseptic property. This way, when you have a minor cut, you can wash your hand with this soap. Calendula will prevent infections on the cut. Also, calendula is used against insect bites, bed sores, and cosmetic skin problems. Calendula oil will help to restore your skin. For example, this oil and soap is used for mild sunburns.


Calendula soap can be used for all skin types including sensitive skins. But, if you have a over-sensitive skin, it is always better to use a moisturiser after using this soap.

Homemade Natural Soap Recipe

You can make your own homemade moisturiser in addition to your own natural calendula soap. Making homemade calendula soap is easy and you will only need few ingredients. After making calendula soap for softer skin, you can use the excess ingredients to make other DIY cosmetic products. In DIY cosmetic world, your choices are limitless. You can always improvise and make your own recipes.

Calendula Soap Ingredients

  • 226 grams of lye (or caustic soda)
  • 500 grams of distilled water
  • 470 grams of natural coconut oil
  • 500 grams of natural olive oil
  • 650 grams of rice bran oil
  • Dried calendula
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Calendula Soap Preparation

Calendula Soap Preparation
DIY: Calendula Soap Preparation


Add dried calendula into a pot.



Place the pot on the medium heat.


Add natural coconut oil, olive oil, and rice bran oil on lye.


Add lye solution for consistency.


Blend all the components and obtain an even mixture.


Take the mixture into a bowl with a cap.


Close the bowl and set aside for 1 or 2 days to rest. You need to wrap the bowl with a towel to keep the mixture warm.

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Take the cooled mixture and dice your calendula soap.

Alternatively, you can use calendula oil as well. If you will use the oil to make the soap, the steps are almost the same. This time you will skip the first step. And you will add calendula oil to other oils and melt them on medium heat. The remaining steps will be the same.

You can use this amazing calendula soap for softer skin. Since the soap is natural, you can use it to wash your children as well. In addition to using in shower, you can use this amazing natural calendula soap to wash your face in the morning.

However, you should be careful about one thing. Since this all-natural soap, it may dry up your skin more than you can think of. So, it is always good to apply a moisturiser after using this soap. When you regularly use homemade calendula soap, you will feel that your skin will feel softer.

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