Discover These Home Remedies for Migraine



A migraine is not just a simple headache that you can ignore. You can only understand how unbearable it is if you experience it. For some migraine sufferers it feels as though a thousand hammers are beating the brain.


Migraines are a part of a neurological condition and often come with nausea, vomiting, numbness in hands, and sensitivity to light, sound, and smell. It can be debilitating and a chronic condition affects daily life.

When a migraine strikes, people are ready to do almost anything to make it go away. The medicines might not always be there to help. That is why, today we bring you some home remedies that may help you.

Discover These Home Remedies for Migraine



Get Caffeinated or Gingered

Caffeine is an ingredient in coffee and other caffeinated beverages, which may provide you with some relief in your migraine pain. It also helps your body absorb migraine drugs faster and better. 

But be careful, high doses of caffeine can lead to withdrawal symptoms like fatigue, and headaches. 

A recent study showed that ginger is known to ease nausea caused by various conditions including migraines. The research also suggested that the intake of ginger powder decreases migraine severity and its duration, with no side effects. 

Ginger has been found to work similarly to prescription migraine medicines. If you do not have any allergies, you can directly eat 2-4 grams of ginger a day or brew some ginger tea.

Try Acupressure And Yoga

Acupressure involves the application of pressure to specific parts of the body with the fingers and hands. Applying pressure on the specific points of the body in this way helps to release muscle tension and give you relief from pain. 

Similarly, acupressure on a specific point called LI-4 helps you to make your migraine go away. The LI-4 point is located in the space between the base of the left thumb and the pointer finger. You can relieve the migraine pain by applying firm and painless circular pressure to the point for about 5 minutes. 

While an exercise gets your heart pumping, it can also help you tackle migraine pain, but for some people it also triggers headaches. So, yoga due to its slower movements happens to be a safer substitute. 

Yoga can help in relaxing the blood vessels and calming the mind, thus preventing the migraine pain. Research has shown that the frequent sessions of yoga made a significant reduction in the impact of headache, frequency of the ache, and its severity. 

Add Magnesium to Your Diet

Deficiency of magnesium is often linked with triggering of migraine headaches and migraine aura. Migraine aura is the visual disturbance due to the migraine. Therefore, migraine sufferers should keep this essential mineral in their medicine chest to keep away the migraine thing. 

You can get magnesium from foods like almonds, sesame and sunflower seeds, Brazil nuts, eggs, meal, cashews, and others. But note that excess intake of magnesium may cause diarrhea in some people. 


Migraine headaches tend to increase with bright light and loud noise. Therefore for a speedy recovery, find a quiet environment, and try to relax when you’ve got a migraine. Switch the lights off and try to get some sleep if you can. 

This is not possible if you get the migration attack when you are out and about or somewhere with no accessibility to get some good rest. In such cases, a massage appears to be a life savior. 

A weekly massage session can reduce migraine frequency and also improve sleep quality. To be specific, massaging the muscles around the neck and shoulder area can help alleviate the migraine pain. 

Also, it’s best to avoid bright lights and use daylight-spectrum fluorescent bulbs in your light fixtures.

Pro Tip: Use a tennis ball to self-massage along the shoulder and neck. It is a very cost-effective option than a masseuse. 

Discover These Home Remedies for Migraine


The Bottom Line

If you or anyone around you has a migraine, you know the symptoms can be really challenging to cope with. With the above remedies, you cannot fully eliminate migraine, but surely find some relief with these handy methods.