How to Get Work at a Children’s Health Center



Community health centers are geared towards providing care and protection to underserved communities across all sectors. These organizations help provide accessible health care services that not only address mental health but also cater to pharmaceutical and oral needs. 


Despite its grueling and highly demanding industry, many individuals are motivated to work in a health center, particularly those that cater to children. This is because it gives kids the safest level of healthcare they need and deserve, all the while setting them up for success. 

There are a lot of heartwarming moments that one can experience when working in a children’s health center. More than being given the privilege to care for these kids, there’s the unbridled sense of fulfillment in this field. Take a look at how you can work in this sector today.

How to Get Work at a Children’s Health Center

What is a Children’s Health Center?

A children’s health center is a community-based and patient-oriented organization that provides a comprehensive range of primary health care services. These include physical check-ups, access to pharmacy services, mental health services, oral care and services, and many more. 


Typically, children’s health centers, as with other national health centers, are geared towards extending healthcare and medical services to underserved communities, whether it’s based on economic circumstances, or geographic or cultural barriers. 

Available Careers and Jobs at a Children’s Health Center

There is a wide range of careers available at a children’s health center across the country. These include practicing medicine and immediate care and services as a physician, providing nursing care, giving administrative and clerical support, patient care support, and facilities and operations. 

Depending on the state and the child health center in question, some of the clinical opportunities include positions for Advanced Practice Providers (APPs), experienced nurses, neonatal nurse practitioners, pain management psychologists, clinical nurse specialists, and more. 

For non-clinical positions with a children’s health center, individuals with a background in hospital leadership, finance and accounting, human resources, information technology, equipment, and supply management, as well as knowledge and experience in maintaining facilities and equipment may apply. 

Eligibility and Application Requirements

As mentioned, there are different departments and positions available for job seekers interested in working in a children’s health center. As such, there are also varying requirements based on the position. 

For clinical positions, medical professionals, nurses, and other healthcare providers must have the necessary licenses, certifications, and experience geared towards children and adolescents. Applicants must have also obtained the necessary license and passing score required by the state. 

In addition to these requirements, medical professionals and healthcare providers must also specialize in the specific area of practice they’re applying to. 

Moreover, applicants must also be open to handling more than just clinical-based operations, such as intervention with patients and families, providing teaching opportunities to medical students and residents, and collaborate on research-based materials. 

Nurses, on the other hand, are required to obtain licenses in their state, as well as have the basic certifications for both basic life support CPR and pediatric advanced life support. 

For non-clinical positions, such as those in administrative and clerical departments, applicants must at least have a high school diploma or equivalent, knowledge and experience in data processing, have a superior command of computer programs, and have customer service experience

How to Get Work at a Children’s Health Center

The Bottom Line

There are a variety of careers within children’s health centers across the country. If you are interested in leading a fulfilling life that addresses the needs of children and adolescents this could be for you.

You also get to give a comprehensive range of services, you can do your part by applying for a position in your local health center today.