Natural Lip Balm – Suitable For Children



Today, I will give a homemade natural lip balm recipe which you can apply on children when they want to try lipstick.


You can change the recipe as you like and I will add the alternatives.

There are few recipes, but I will first share the one tried…I also added other recipes for alternatives.

Before starting natural lip balm recipe, I should note that you can increase the amount of lipstick.


According to my recipe.

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Natural Lip Balm Ingredients:

  • Coconut oil (or olive oil)
  • Vax (if possible thin/grated version)
  • Aromatic oils (lavender, rose, menthol, cinnamon, cocoa, strawberry, orange etc.).
  • Closed box
  • Lipstick/lip balm/eye shadow for colouring (It is not good idea to use eye shadow in lipstick, so you can choose lipstick or food like beet. Please be sure that these foods are dried or milled.)

About the measurement. You should use equal amount of vax and coconut oil. You should follow 1:1 ratio. You should use 3-4 drops of aromatic oil. You may also omit these oils or add more.

You should also remember that cinnamon and menthol make the lip look fuller.

Also, obtaining a homogenous mixture will show better results.

Natural Lip Balm Preparation:

1First, we will boil some water in the pot.

2When the water is boiling, we will mix the following ingredients in a separate cup; 3 tea spoon coconut oil,  Vax (I had paper like vax, so I approximately added equal amount), Few drops of strawberry aroma (I used strawberry aroma.), I added 0.5 cm of lipstick

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We start to melt the ingredients on the boiled water. We are dimming the oven.


We are mixing all the ingredients with chopstick.


When all ingredients melt, we transfer them into the cup before they start freezing. It is better to lay a piece of old towel to avoided spilling. We are cleaning the cup. After that, we will place the mixture in the fridge.

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How Can I Obtain Box/Cup?

If this is your question, a small hand creme or lipstick cup will do the job. There are empty cups in Gratis or Watsons. If you don’t want to pay for the box, you can use medication boxes as well.

When I checked the boxes, my lip balms had cracks. If you let the natural lip balm dry, there will be no cracks.

I should remain that coconut oil will freeze in the fridge but melt after 25C. This softens the lip balm. You need to store in a cold area during summer. I checked the balm in WED box and places it back into fridge.

Vax has solid structure. So, if I add more I think it will be solid during summer.

There are other recipes you can try. The preparation is the same.


  • Vaseline
  • Aromatic oils for good smell
  • Creme box
  • Eye shadow, lipstick, or lip balm for colour.
  • Mixing stick.

You can use dried strawberry or beet for colouring agents.

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