Hair Growing Potato Mask Recipe



Homemade Natural Mask That Will Make Your Hair Longer Just in Two Weeks

Hair Growing Potato Mask; We all want long, healthy, and abundant hair. But no matter what you do, your hair will not grow. On the contrary it has splits and it looks matte.


But this is no longer your destiny. And you don’t need to use chemical products on the market. This recipe with natural ingredients will help you to grow your hair in economic and healthy way. Everyone can grow their hair.

And in just 2 weeks!

All you need is the ingredients in your kitchen.

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Let’s learn those miraculous ingredients: Here is potato!

Potato Mask Recipe
Hair Growing Potato Mask Recipe

Potato is indispensable part of kitchen and food. And this plant has another benefit. It is full of benefits for your hair.


Vitamin A, B, and C in potato will prevent hair splits, matte look and dry hair. With vitamins and minerals in potato, your hair will be regenerated, and becomes soft and strong.

But potato has other miracles. Since potato is natural dyeing agent, it is used for colouring textile and dyeing hair. Therefore, potato can eliminate white hair and even restore original colour.

It is easy to prepare: Hair Growing Potato Mask Recipe


  • 5 potato
  • Water
  • Hair band
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How to Prepare?

Potato Hair Mask
How to Prepare Potato Mask

1Wash the potato and peel the crust.

2Slice to small pieces and make a puree. You can also grate it.

3You can add water if it is thick.

4Place the puree in hair band and squeeze the water. Your potato mask is ready!

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How to Apply?

Potato Hair Mask
How to Apply Hair Mask?

1Massage the potato puree on your hair roots.

2Apply the remaining water on the tips of your hair.

3Wait for 20-25 minutes. You can also use bonnet.

4Wash your hair with warm water.

You can apply this mask once or twice a week. You will notice that your hair is brighter. Also, your hair will start to grow faster.

Note: If you are allergic or have sensitive skin, you should consult to your doctor before using this mask.

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