Homemade Face Mask with Yeast


We will give one of the homemade skin care recipes. One of my favourite ingredient is homemade face mask with yeast. It is easy to do, has low cost, and high benefits. Since this mask cleans the skin, your skin will lighten up and you will feel refreshed.

First, I want to talk about benefits of yeast. Yeast has high Vitamin B, protein, and amino acids. It is one of the building blocks of life. Also, since it has iron, it will benefit to people with anaemia. Chromium will help diabetes, and folic acid will help pregnant woman.

Just imagine how this amazing substance will benefit to our skin.

Rejuvenate Yourself: Yeast Mask

Face Mask with Yeast: How to do it

Mix one tea spoon of yeast with one tea spoon of warm milk to obtain a paste. You can some other ingredients depending on your face type. For example:

  • 1 tea spoon egg yolk for oily face
  • 1 tea spoon egg white for face with pimples
  • Few drops of olive oil for dry face

Don’t worry, these measurements will be enough. When the yeast dissolves in milk, it will multiply.

This mask without any additional ingredients will act as peeling agent when it dries on your face.


1Apply the mixture to your face excluding the eye and lip area. The important thing here is the consistency of the mask. If you think it has too much water, you can wait for 15 minutes at room temperature. You will see that the mask becomes firmer as you wait.

2 You need to wait approximately for half an hour for the yeast mask to dry.

3After that, you can massage your face with circular motions and peel the mask of. This process will act as peeling.

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4 You can wash your face with warm water and dry with fresh towel.

Finish your skin care with Homemade Tonic with Refreshing Lemon Oil and Homemade Regenerative Cream.

I recommend you repeat yeast mask for once a week for firm and smooth skin.