How to Make Homemade Coffee Mud Face Mask?


I love mixing food in beauty products. This time I decided to use coffee in my next DIY face mask. And I made this amazing homemade coffee mud face mask.

Coffee helps exfoliating your skin as it was granule structure. Also, in this face mask, I used clay to give consistency to ingredients.


This natural and amazing homemade coffee mud face mask will be your favourite skin care product. I really like combining new ingredients and I think coffee will make a difference in this mask. Now, I am using homemade coffee mud face mask for two time a week. I can see the difference just in a month.

When you use this mask regularly, you will have softer skin. Also, your dead skin cells will be removed. This way you will have younger looking skin. Clay is extremely beneficial beauty product. So, I will add this ingredient to my mud face mask as well.

Homemade Coffee Mud Face Mask Ingredients:

  • 2 tea spoons of cosmetic grade clay*
  • 1 tea spoon of grounded coffee
  • 1 or 1½ tea spoon of apple cider vinegar
  • 2 or 3 drops of essential tea tree oil
*You have three options in terms of cosmetic grade clay. These are white cosmetic clay, bentonite clay, and French green clay.


The type of clay will not make major difference. Generally, these three different clay types are selected based on your skin type. While white cosmetic clay is ideal for dry and sensitive skins, French green clay is ideal for oily skins. If you have normal skin, you can easily use one of the three types.

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Homemade Coffee Mud Face Mask Preparation:


Add cosmetic grade clay, grounded coffee in a bowl.


Mix these ingredients.


Add apple cider vinegar and essential tea tree oil in the mixture.


Combine all ingredients to obtain a homogenous mixture.


Your homemade coffee mud face mask is ready.

When you complete your homemade coffee mud face mask recipe, you can easily apply the face mask without waiting. Use your finger tips or a brush to apply the mask on your face.

You should avoid your eye and lip area. As skin around these areas are more sensitive, it is better not to apply the mask around eye and lip area.

Wait for 5 to 15 minutes until the mask dries. When the mask dries, rinse your face with warm water. You can also apply homemade moisturiser to your skin after cleaning your face mask.

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With these amounts of ingredients, you can use the mask for one or two times. If you have excess homemade coffee mud face mask, you can store the mask in the fried for 7 days.

However, you should use a capped container to store the mask. Also, you can add apple cider vinegar in your next application to increase liquidity of the mask. You should also use a sunscreen after using this mask as apple cider vinegar will make your skin sensitive to sun.

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