How to Make Homemade Crayon Lipstick?


This time I wanted to try something completely different. Ingredients I generally used for homemade cosmetic products didn’t attract me this time. I made a research and found that many people were trying homemade crayon lipstick. I decided to make my own. Because the colours looked amazingly vivid. I wanted to have my unique homemade lipstick with crayons.

First, I found the non-toxic crayons. Because I was going to apply them on my lips, crayons should not contain any chemical that could be harmful to my health. In this homemade crayon lipstick recipe, once more I selected my all time favourite coconut oil. If you have enough coconut oil, you can do almost anything at home.

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It moisturised your lips and will provide an amazing base for all homemade cosmetic and beauty products. When I was deciding on the ingredients of DIY crayon lipstick, I remembered one thing. I should add some ingredient to balance out crayons.

So, I decided to use Vaseline. This way, my lips would look soft and smooth. Also, Vaseline will help me to evenly distribute the colour on my lips. Unlike traditional lipsticks, those homemade crayon lipstick will be harder to apply. They will have more consisted structure.

Homemade Crayon Lipstick Ingredients:

  • 2 tea spoons of coconut oil
  • 2 tea spoons of Vaseline
  • One box of non-toxic crayons (Crayola)

Homemade Crayon Lipstick Preparation:


Take a pan and add water.



Place the pan on the stove to medium heat.


Add coconut oil, Vaseline, and crayons in a bowl.


Place the bowl on the pan.


Melt all the ingredients.

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Pour this mixture in a clean container.


Enjoy your homemade crayon lipstick.

You can apply homemade crayon lipstick like a regular lipstick. When you use crayons, you can have fun in the kitchen.

The colour options will be limitless. You can try a bright red at one time, or go for a bolder colour like green. Don’t forget all those pinks, purples, and greens. Just pick the colour you like and start mixing all the ingredients.

This colourful homemade crayon lipstick is ideal for your Halloween costume. You can try black or blue and have this unique look.

Of course, homemade crayon lipstick is not for everyday use. In this recipe, I wanted to show how you can use different ingredients to make your homemade DIY cosmetics. This has been really fun. You can use homemade crayon lipstick if you are going to a costume party or if you need different lipstick colours. You will love the experience.

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