How to Make Homemade Eyeshadow?



Are you tired of checking and reading the labels on cosmetic products? Well, I am. So, I decided to search new homemade eyeshadow recipes. This way, I can be sure of the ingredients I am applying on my eye lid.


First, let’s look at the harmful ingredients you can find in almost all commercial make-up products. After that I will give you my secret amazing homemade eyeshadow recipe. You will love it.

One of the most harmful ingredients in commercial eyeshadows is SLS or sodium lauryl. This ingredient can lead to cancer. Also, brands tend to use petroleum products in eyeshadows and other make-up products. Petroleum products act as stabilisers. And these stabilisers are the ingredients that keep your make-up product intact.

For example, your eyeshadow will stay one piece in its box. However, these ingredients are extremely harmful to your health. Also, synthetic colouring ingredients can be harmful to your body.


But don’t worry. In our natural homemade eyeshadow recipe, we will offer natural and organic colouring ingredients. And, these ingredients will be easy to find materials. Aluminium related ingredients can also be found in commercial eyeshadows. But our homemade natural cosmetic product will be free from all these harmful products.

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Okay, let’s look at the ingredients and preparation steps of homemade eyeshadow.

Homemade Eyeshadow
Homemade Eyeshadow Recipe

Homemade Eyeshadow Ingredients

The base ingredients for natural homemade eyeshadow will be the same. But, since some of you may want to try different colours, I will give some additional ingredients for different colour options. You can increase or decrease to amount of the colouring ingredients depending on how light or dark your want your eyeshadow to be.

Base Ingredients:

  • ¼ – ½ tea spoon of arrowroot powder or corn starch
  • ¼ – ½ tea spoon of Shea
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Colouring Ingredients:

You can choose one of the following colouring ingredients. This will only affect the colour of the eyeshadow.

Cocoa Powder

  • 1/8 tea spoon for pale pink
  • ¼ tea spoon for mauve
  • ¾ to 1 tea spoon for light brown


  • ¾ tea spoon for golden brown

Dried Beet Powder

  • ½ tea spoon for pale pink
  • ¾ tea spoon for mauve


  • ¼ to ½ tea spoon for golden brown


  • ¾ tea spoon for mauve

Homemade Eyeshadow Preparation.

DIY Eyeshadow
DIY Eyeshadow Recipe


Add ¼ – ½ tea spoon of arrowroot powder into bowl.


The amount of arrowroot powder will determine the light or darker colour of the natural DIY eyeshadow.


Add the colouring ingredients you want.


Mix all the ingredients until you have a uniform mixture.


Add ¼ – ½ tea spoon of Shea oil.


Mix all the ingredients until you have soft and smooth powder.


Enjoy your homemade eyeshadow.

You can apply homemade eyeshadow with a brush or with your fingers. I recommend the fingers. Because, since your new eyeshadow is all natural and has no stabilisers, it may be harder to apply with brush. Use your finger tips and apply the eyeshadow. You can clean the excess with your fingers as well.

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