2 Ingredient Simple DIY Kid Friendly Perfume



When you read the title, you are probably thinking of one thing. Why would kids need a perfume? Well, they don’t. But this 2 ingredient simple DIY kid friendly perfume is not only for kids. This is super easy perfume recipe for adults as well. And I have other reasons to make this perfume for kids.


If you have girls, you probably know what I mean. When mamas are getting ready, kids always watch them. And they want to dress up like them. This is perfectly natural for the kids. But when we are spraying our perfume, they also want to use this perfume.

I am really worried about the ingredients in commercial perfumes. So, I don’t think it is good to let them use those perfumes. But there is a way.

We can make our own perfume at home. This perfume will be kid friendly and make them feel happy as well.


2 Ingredient Simple DIY Perfume

Homemade Kid Friendly Perfume
How to Make Homemade Kid Friendly Perfume

For this recipe, I don’t want to use tons of ingredients. It is sometimes hard to deal with all these ingredients. And I just want something simple.

For this reason, this amazing DIY perfume will only have 2 ingredients. Yes, you have heard me right. Just 2.

So, it is super easy, super fun, and you can prepare this recipe anywhere you like. What is more, the perfume will be kid friendly. So, when you are getting ready to go out, you can give this perfume to your kid.

This way, both of you can spray your own perfume and you will know that your kid is using something safe.

Kid Friendly Perfume Ingredients

  • Organic vanilla extract
  • Essential oil blend
This oil blend has bergamot essential oil, Ylang Ylang oil, geranium essential oil, lemon essential oil, coriander essential oil, tangerine essential oil, jasmine essential oil, roman chamomile essential oil, palmarosa essential oil, and rose essential oil.

How to Make Homemade Kid Friendly Perfume

Just add organic vanilla extract to this essential oil blend inside a clean spray bottle.

Shake the ingredients to mix them. And you are good to go. Vanilla extract in this perfume will give an amazing fragrance.

If you don’t like vanilla, you can change this ingredients with another extract. But for my experience, vanilla has amazing results for this 2 ingredients simple DIY kid friendly perfume.

Benefits of Essential Oils

I preferred essential oil blend for this recipe. You can easily buy these blends from your local store. Also, there are tons of options online. Finding an essential oil blend is easy. There are different brands and each brand will have its own mixture.

Generally, essential oils have different benefits. While some are good to relief your stress, others can make your hair look softer. So, when you are choosing an essential oil, you may need to consider the benefits it will provide. Here, I would like to talk about some of these essential oil.

For example, this essential oil blend has lemon essential oil. Lemon essential oil is an amazing anti-oxidant. Also, it has super cleansing properties with amazing skin benefits.

Another oil we have in this blend is palmarosa essential oil. Palmarosa essential oil has calming properties. It can stimulate your body and you fell much better when you use this oil.

Also, germanium essential oil will help your body to relax. This essential oil is beneficial for your skin as well. Another important property of this essential oil is it helps circulation and nervous system.

So, if you use these essential oil based on their properties, your body can greatly benefit from them.