Make Your Own Perfume At Home – Tips for Getting Started



Are you tired of commercial products? Or reading all these labels when you are buying something? Shopping is supposed to be fun. But when you get lost among all those labels, it turns into a boring and burdensome experience. So, whey not make your own perfume at home.


DIY cosmetics is easier than you have ever thought. With current online stores, you can find all ingredients just in seconds. Or if you don’t like shopping online, ingredients to make your own perfume can be found in the local stores as well.

All you need is a bit imagination, and that is it. Just mix things up to make your special DIY perfume formula. You can always get help from different resources to create the ideal formula. Or you can just find the best one for you with trial and error. In either way, making your perfume at home is a super fun experience.

Also, these amazing DIY perfumes are super cool gifts. You can prepare a special perfume to your loved ones and give them this unique gift prepared just for them. They will love it. Okay, now let’s see how we can make our perfume at home.


Buy A Scale for Precision

Making a perfume requires precision and detailed work. Without a scale, you will have a hard time to mix all those ingredients. Generally, when you are making a perfume, you need to follow certain ratios.

For example, there are three notes in each perfume and you need to mix three different fragrances to obtain these notes.

But just randomly mixing things up will not help you. You need a small but versatile scale to make all these measurements. Sometime people use drops as measurement. But drops are not as accurate as measuring the real weight of your ingredients.

If you want precision, just use a scale to prepare your perfume. You can find amazing mini scales for affordable prices. These mini scales are sold in various online shops.

Use Reliable Companies to Buy Your Ingredients

Another important point in making your own homemade perfume is about where you buy your ingredients. Always choose a reliable supplier. The quality of your perfume will depend on the quality of the ingredients you choose.

If you buy low quality and highly volatile ingredients, then you may not achieve the fragrance you are looking for.

We are making our own perfume to use a healthy product. So, you need to select ingredients that are healthy. At this point, your supplier plays a great role. You need to learn how these ingredients are obtained and how natural they are.

Make Your Own Perfume Formula

Create Your Own Perfume
Make Your Own Perfume Formula

One of the most important stages of making your own perfume is to make your own formula. This may be the hardest stage of preparing a perfume. You need to create an elegant formula that will work with your skin.

Oily skins and dry skins have different fragrance absorption characteristics. A perfume can smell amazing on an oily skin but it may not be that good on a dry skin. For this reason, before deciding on your perfume formula, you need to carefully evaluate your skin type.

Additionally, your skin type also plays an important role on permanence of the fragrance. As I have said before, different skin types have different fragrance absorption rates.

So, you need to carefully select the notes of your perfume and create your own formula.

How to Make Your Formula

Making your own perfume
How to Make Your Formula

When making your own perfume formula, you need notes. You can go for three notes or make one dominant note with one complimentary note. Actually, this step is all up to you and your imagination. In time, you will become an expert on fragrances. At the beginning, you can imitate the fragrances you like. Then, in time, you can start to make your own formulas.

Also, to apply your formula in the future, it is important to note which ingredients you used and the percentage of these ingredients. Generally,  amount of the formula is written in percentages. For example, you can write  60% germanium essential oil and 40% rose essential oil. Of course, this is only a sample. You need write your own formula based on the ingredients you have used in your perfume.

Work on Your Formula

At this step, you need to evaluate your formula and correct it. Instead of smelling directly from the bottle, you need to use scent strips for perfume.

There are different types of scent strips out in the market. For the initial stage, standard scent strips will be more than enough.

Smelling your perfume directly from the bottle may not represent the real fragrance of the perfume. For this reason, it is always better to use scent strips. With these strips, you can understand the fragrance much better.

Dilute Ingredients

The important thing in perfume making is diluting ingredients. Generally, ingredients used in perfume making have strong fragrances.

When you use these fragrances directly, you may not achieve the fragrance you are aiming for. So, instead of directly mixing everything, first, you need to dilute these ingredients.

You need to achieve 10% dilution. Well, what does 10% dilution mean. You need to take 1 gram of your ingredient and dilute it with 9 grams of alcohol. This way, you will achieve 10% dilution rate.

Also, if you choose an ingredient with a strong smell, you may go for 1% dilution as well. In 1% dilution, you will use 0.1 gram of ingredients and 9.9 grams of alcohol. Actually, dilution ratio may depend on the ingredients you are using.

Start Preparing Your Perfume

After completing all these stages, now it is time to prepare your perfume. You have created your own formula, you have measured all ingredients, you have diluted these ingredients and now you are good to go. Just combine all your ingredients and make your own perfume.

Making your own perfume is super fun and exciting. When you start to know all the ingredients and how to handle them, it becomes an amazing experience. You can play with all those ingredients and create your own formula. And actually, this is the fun part of making your own perfume. Also, following your instincts will guide you in your perfume making journey.