Natural Face Wipes After Work-Out


We are working out to keep our health. So, after a good work-out, we need to clean our face as well. All that sweat may cause acne or other skin diseases. But, the commercial products that you use to wipe your skin are not that health. All your efforts may go in vain if you use those products. Instead of chemical ones, I will offer you an amazing natural face wipes recipe. You can use these face wipes after work-out and fell fresh.

Benefits of Natural Face Wipes

Ingredients in these DIY face wipes will have plenty of benefits. First, Aloe Vera will help decreasing the inflammation and redness on your skin. Also, this ingredient has amazing moisturising property to make your skin look softer.


Another benefit of these natural face wipes is that they will work against the free radicals that cause aging on your skin. If you add essential oil to these wipes, you can also benefit from various advantages of these essential oil. These essential oils can moisturise you skin or even reduce the formation of acne.

So, if you want to use healthy products after a good work-out, go and make your own ones. These face wipes are super easy, refreshing and healthy. Just mix the ingredients, wait for couple of hours, and enjoy your new homemade product.

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DIY Face Wipes Ingredients:

Face Wipes
DIY Face Wipes Ingredients
  • Witch hazel
  • Dried rose
  • Aloe Vera
  • Organic cotton face pads
  • 2 clean glass jar

How to Make Natural Face Wipes?

Homemade Face Wipes
How to Make Natural Face Wipes?


Add witch hazel and dries roses inside the clean glass jar.



Wait for couple of weeks (1-2 weeks) and store this jar in a cool and dark area.


Add Aloe Vera to this mixture with 1:3 ratio. This means you will add one portion of Aloe Vera and 3 portions of witch hazel mixture.

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If you want, you can also add essential oils to moisturise your skin.


Take the other clean glass jar and put the cotton pads inside this jar.


Then, pour the mixture on this cotton pads. Wait for at least 1 hour. This way, the cottons will absorb all the mixture. Also, you can mix the cotton pads with your fingers for better absorption.


After that, clean your face with these amazing natural face wipes.

If you are going to add essential oils in this mixture, you can choose the oil you like based on your skin type. For example, if you want freshness, you can go for citrus or peppermint essential oil. Or if you have dry skin, you can go for lavender essential oil.

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