Homemade Recipes for Natural Glowing Skin



Glowing skin is the best indicator of a healthy skin. So, every women wants to have smooth and natural glowing skin. Generally, external factors such as pollution makes our skin to look dull. Also, some hormonal changes can cause our skin to loose that healthy glow. Don’t worry. We have amazing and all natural solution for this problem. Just check out what we will offer.


Single Ingredient Natural Glowing Skin

If you want natural glowing skin, you need to have a skin care routine. And this routine should include natural foods. This time, I don’t want to get my hand dirty and mix everything up. So, these recipes only has one ingredient. You don’t need to go out there and search for different ingredients. You can prepare these masks by using every day products in your kitchen. Sounds good isn’t it? Let’s see which ingredients will help you to achieve the natural glowing skin you have always wanted.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is an amazing natural cleaner. And you only need couple of minutes to prepare this amazing skin care product. Just take a lemon and squeeze the juice. Apply this juice on your skin. In addition to glowing skin, lemon juice will also help you to eliminate sun spots. Acid in the lemon will fight against melanin under your skin. This way, you will have smoother face and you skin tone will be more even.


At first, this might sound weird. But believe me. Onion has amazing powers. All you need to do is grate an onion or slice it in a blender. After this process, just squeeze the water and apply the remaining part on your face. Since it might be a bit smelly, you can apply this mask at night. But when you wash your face with an amazing DIY soap, you will smell the onion.



Vinegar will be your next favourite product in skin care. We all know that consuming vinegar has various health benefits. Also, apply this product will make your skin look softer. And this soft feeling will give you that healthy glow.


Actually, milk has been used in beauty routines since ancient times. So, it is only natural to use this miraculous drink today as well. Milk will make your skin softer. What is more, your skin tone will look more even.


Greek yogurt is the best way to sooth your skin. This amazing food has been used against sun burns as well. Yogurt will cool your skin down. Also, it will clean your pores. When your pores are clean, your skin will start to glow. You can prepare amazing masks with yogurt. But if you don’t have time, you can directly apply it on your face.


If you have wrinkles around your eye or around your mouth, your solution is cucumber. Also, this delicious food will help decreasing dark circles under your eye. Most of the time, we look extremely tired due to these dark circles. When you place two slices of cucumber on your eyes, dark circles and baggy look will disappear in no time. Also, cucumber will moistures your skin. This amazing food has high water content that helps your skin to glow.

Aloe Vera

If you are growing an Aloe Vera plant at home, this plant is more than some pretty decoration. You can use the gel inside Aloe Vera plant to make your skin glow. And natural glowing skin is super easy. You need to cut the tip of this plant and extract the gel. Directly apply this gel on your skin. You will feel tightening of your skin in just couple of minutes.


Tomato is a delicious food. And it has amazing power to make your skin look whiter. When you apply natural tomato puree on your face, you skin will start to glow. Tomato will help making your skin colour more even.

When you regularly use these amazing ingredients in your beauty routine, you will start to notice a difference. Some of the masks like Aloe Vera will instantly make a difference. You don’t need to buy expensive commercial products for natural glowing skin. With just few steps, you can prepare your own DIY masks.