6 Best Natural Ways To Remove Your Makeup



Would you choose cosmetic makeup remover or natural materials to remove your makeup? It is time to use the ingredients in the fridge! Here are the natural ways to remove your makeup.


For us, for women, or for men… It is a fact that we always want to look good. So, we care about our hair and skin, and we wear makeup to emphasise our beautiful features and hide our flaws. Every good thing has an end. So, it is important to remove our makeup at night.

Well, would you choose cosmetic makeup remover or natural materials to remove your makeup?

Natural Ways To Remove Your Makeup

DIY: Makeup Remover
Natural Ways To Remove Your Makeup

Since I always go for natural ingredients, today I prepared natural make-up removing tips for you. With these tips, you will no longer have excuses like I am out of my make-up remover or something like that.


It is time to use the ingredients in the fridge!

Makeup Remover with Olive Oil

All experts agree on benefits of olive oil on our body…You can consume olive oil in various forms. And this oil is the number one vegetable oil used in hair and skin care. I will not give all the details of benefits of olive oil. But in short, olive oil will moisturise, soften, sooth skin, and prevent harmful effects of sun.

This vegetable oil can easily be used on dry skins. It is beneficial to have the organic and pure form of this amazing food. You can go for extra virgin oil. If you don’t use this oil in kitchen frequently and only use it for skin and hair care, you can just get a small bottle.

Let’s talk about makeup remover, actually what you will do is extremely simple.

Add few drops of olive oil on a cotton and remove your makeup. This is an amazing option to remove hard and dense makeup.

If you have oily skin, after removing your makeup with olive oil, you can rinse your face with water and dry.

Makeup Remover with Coconut Oil

Since we started our list with vegetable soils, we need to coconut oil as well. This oil is super valuable like olive oil. Actually, coconut oil is a must for me. We all know benefits of coconut oil to hair but here we will talk about skin benefits.

This oil moisturises skin and protects against aging effects such as wrinkles. Also, since this oil preserves oil balance of the skin and heals infections, it can be used on acne prone oily skins. Actually these are more than enough to use coconut oil as a makeup remover.

All you need to do this add few drops of coconut oil on the cotton and clean all makeup including eye makeup.

Makeup Remover with Yogurt

Without yogurt, it is impossible to imagine skin care and skin beauty. If you want to eliminate skin spots, watery part of yogurt may provide serious benefits.

Lactic acid content of yogurt will heal skin irritation. And, antibacterial properties of yogurt makes it super beneficial food. Additionally, yogurt will clean pours, moisturise and softens skin. It will help reducing skin problems like acne and eczema. In short, yogurt will help you to have smooth, soft, and naturally shining skin. For these properties, yogurt is highly effective to clean the skin, prevent acne formation, moisturise skin, and revitalise. Of course, you should try to use natural yogurt.

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If you are going to use yogurt to clean your makeup, dip the cotton in the yogurt, and clean your face.

Makeup Remover with Milk

Milk is also another amazing option for makeup remover due to oil and protein content like yogurt. I am sure that most of you have heard mil bath idea from somewhere.

Main reason milk bath is so important is the lactic acid content.

Because of this content, milk is preferred to reduce wrinkles and clean the dead skin cells. If you haven’t tried milk in skin care, you should do it know. When used regularly, your skin will begin to look fresh and shiny.

To remove your makeup, dip a cotton to warm milk and clean your skin. Also, you can dip a towel in the milk and apply on your face.

If your skin is prone to acne, you should use non-creamy milk or yogurt and stop using any of them when you see acne formation.

Makeup Remover with Aloe Vera

Here we have one of the most popular plants in cosmetic products, Aloe Vera. This plant has amazing results in skin care. Since it has anti-bacterial properties, it will help scar healing as well.

Additionally, this plant will decrease dark spots and skin pigmentation.

This plant can easily be used on almost all skin types and it is completely natural. In addition to helping dry skins, it can also help decreasing skin cracks.

Aloe Vera is one of the best skin moisturisers that supplies oxygen to skin cells and support skin texture.

With Aloe Vera, you can achieve smooth and soft skin. Also, this plant is helpful in preventing skin aging.

Aloe Vera can be used on oily skin. vitamin, mineral, and amino acid content of this plant will remove all makeup without oily feeling. Also, it can decrease redness and puffy eyes.

Makeup Remover with Avocado

I don’t if you notices but currently I am adding avocado to almost all beauty recipes. Avocado has numerous benefits.

You can have vitamins and energy and you can use it for skin and hair health. Avocado is extremely beneficial to skin and hair. So, you can make numerous skin and hair masks with it. I will also talk about these masks in other articles.

But today, I want to talk about avocado as makeup remover. You can remove your waterproof eyeliner or mascara with avocado.

When you use avocado to remove eye makeup, omega 3 fatty acid as well as vitamin A, D, E content will be an amazing eye cream.