Homemade Strawberry Toothpaste for Kids – Safe and Natural Recipe



Today, I decided to make something sweet. I decided to make a safe toothpaste for kids. Finding a safe product for kids can be really hard. When we go to supermarket and try to but a toothpaste, it is a challenge.


Generally, safe and healthier options have horrible taste. And it is hard to convince our kids to brush their teeth with this tasteless toothpastes.

On the other hand, commercial toothpaste with good taste are generally have lots of harmful ingredients. Nobody wants their kids to brush their teeth with harmful ingredients. So, just try this amazing strawberry toothpaste for kids. Your kids will love this recipe.

How to Make Your Kids Brush Their Teeth

It is extremely hard to convince the kids to brush their teeth. They are always wining and crying so that they will not brush their teeth. Well, if you make your own toothpaste, your kids will love this.


Instead of bitter taste of peppermint or lemon, this amazing strawberry flavour will make your kids want to brush their teeth all the time.

Why I Don’t Like Cosmetic Toothpastes

There are tons of reasons for that. First, I don’t know what they are putting inside those toothpastes. But when I prepare my own toothpaste at home, I have the full control. I can only add the healthy options to make my own cosmetics products. Second, I am really tired of reading all these labels when shopping.

So, in this recipe, I decided to use xylitol, coconut oil, and strawberry flavour extract. We all know how beneficial coconut oil is. This oil is widely used in homemade beauty products.

Also, coconut oil is ideal for making your own toothpaste. It has superb anti-bacterial properties. In addition to anti-bacterial properties, it is believed that coconut oil can fight against cavities.

The other ingredient xylitol is what gives the consistency of the toothpaste. What is more, xylitol fights against cavities. So, when we combine coconut oil and xylitol, we have the ultimate cavity fighter toothpaste.

Homemade Toothpaste for Kids Recipe

Toothpaste for Kids
Toothpaste for Kids Recipe

Since I am preparing this toothpaste for kids, I decided to add strawberry flavour extract. Kids love strawberry and there is no better ingredients that strawberry flavour extract to make the toothpaste yummy.

Toothpaste for Kids Ingredients

  • 1 table spoon of xylitol
  • 2 table spoons of coconut oil
  • 1/8 tea spoons of strawberry flavour extract

How to Make Safe Strawberry Toothpaste for Kids?

All you need to do is take a small bowl and mix xylitol, coconut oil, and strawberry flavour extract. Transfer this mixture into a clean container and you are good to go.

But I should make a small note about strawberry flavour extract. Strawberry flavour extract has glycerine content. This glycerine in strawberry flavours extract coats the teeth and this coating may prevent remineralisation of your teeth.

For this reason, some of you may want to avoid using this ingredient. But of course, there are always alternatives. You can replace strawberry flavour extract with another ingredient.

For example, orange essential oil is a good alternative to strawberry flavour extract. Since we are making this toothpaste for kids, it is better to keep away from strong flavours like peppermint essential oil. But when you add peppermint essential oil, you can turn this toothpaste in a form that is ideal for adults as well.

How to Use Safe Strawberry Toothpaste for Kids?

You can use this delicious kid safe strawberry toothpaste like any other toothpaste. Just add on your toothbrush and brush your teeth normally. Rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth. That is it. It is better to use a spoon to take the toothpaste on your brush.

If your homemade toothpaste gets wet, it may be hard to store it. So, to minimise any contamination or wetness, you can always use a small spoon to use the toothpaste.

Other than that, you can easily store your homemade toothpaste for couple of months. Remember, always store your DIY products in a cool and dry place. This will increase their storage time and prevent any contamination.