Natural Oatmeal Soap Recipe to Clean Dead Skin Cells



Dead skin cells cause our skin to look mat and pale. If these skin cells are not regularly cleaned, your skin will not look healthy. Best way to clean these dead skin cells is peeling. Natural oatmeal soap recipe will act as a peeling agent and clean your dead skin cells.


Commercial peeling products on the market often irritates your skin. This irritation rather than cleaning dead skin cells can cause additional skin problems.

Products that has extra strong peeling power can harm other layers of your skin as well. This will make your skin more sensitive. Homemade oatmeal soap product will have various advantages.

Why Do We Need Peeling?

Our skin will regenerates itself every day. So, we need to remove dead skin cells that occur after this process. But sometimes our skin cannot clean these dead skin cells on its own.


Also, dirt of the city and pollution can slow down this process. To clean your dead skin cells, peeling is an amazing solution. After peeling, you skin will look younger and softer.

Benefits of Oatmeal

If you want to remove the dead skin cells, natural oatmeal soap will be the best choice. This amazing ingredient has natural peeling properties. In addition cleaning your dead skin cells, oatmeal will also make your skin look softer and smoother.

Oatmeal is super easy to find. You can check your local store or order online. So, when you decide to prepare a mask or soap with oatmeal, you can easily purchase this ingredient and start making your own homemade soap.

Benefits of Honey

Honey is the best moisturiser your have ever think of. In addition to this property, honey has amazing anti-bacterial properties.

So, if you have acne problem, you can apply a mask with honey to prevent formation of acne.

Also, anti-septic properties of honey will kill all the harmful bacteria on your skin.

Natural Oatmeal Soap Recipe

Oatmeal soap
Homemade natural oatmeal soap recipe

You can easily use this amazing homemade oatmeal soap for two or three times per week. It is super easy to use this amazing soap to clean your dead skin cells. You can apply moisturiser after using this natural oatmeal soap and complete your skin care.

Also, these soaps are amazing gifts to your loved ones. You can wrap them in fun and colourful gift wraps. Everyone will love this gift.

Natural Oatmeal Soap Ingredients

  • 1 bar glycerine soap
  • 3 table spoons of oatmeal
  • 4 table spoons of organic honey
  • 1 vitamin E capsule

Natural Oatmeal Soap Preparation


Grate glycerine soap and obtain small pieces.


Then, take these pieces into a bowl which you can out into microwave.


Heat these pieces inside the microwave. You need to repeat this a few times. Also, between each repetitio, you need to mix the glycerine pieces.


When all of the pieces melt down, add oatmeal, organic honey, and vitamin E capsule inside this bowl.


Mix all the ingredients.


Pour this mixture into a bowl and wait for this mixture to become solid.


Your oatmeal soap against dead skin cell is ready.

When you want to use your homemade oatmeal soap, just take the soap outside the mould. Wash your face with water. Then, apply this soap on your face. Massage your face for 5-6 minutes. Then, rinse your face with warm water.