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Fight Against Acne and Aging with White Clay Mask

While clay is one of the most commonly used homemade cosmetics ingredient. Compared to commercial products, this ingredient will make your skin look smoother without any harmful chemicals. Also, you can fight against acne and aging with white clay mask.

When you decide to make your own homemade white clay mask, you can easily find this ingredient from your locals stores as well as online stores.

Benefits of White Clay

In addition to preventing negative effects of aging and reducing acne problem, white clay has other benefits. First, white clay will help cleaning the dead skin cells on the top layer of our skin. This way, your skin will look younger and brighter than ever.

Also, white clay will make your skin look smoother. Since this clay helps reducing acne, your skin will look healthier and better. This clay also increases your blood circulation. This way, all the building components to make your skin look firmer and younger are carried easily. Increased blood circulation also decreases the effects of aging.

Be Careful With White Clay

White clay is a safe ingredient. But you should be careful about one thing when you are preparing a mask with this ingredient. White clay can easily react with metal. So, when selecting bowls and mixing tools for this mask, you need to avoid any metal objects.

When white clay reacts with metal, it will lose all the beneficial properties. What is more, white clay can turn into something toxic if this ingredient contacts with metal. When you are preparing a white clay mask, you can use plastic bowls and spatula.

Anti-Aging White Clay Mask

Anti-Aging White Clay Mask
Homemade Anti-Aging White Clay Mask Recipe


  • 1 table spoon of white clay
  • 1 table spoon of baking powder
  • 2 table spoons of Greek yogurt
  • Anti-Aging White Clay Mask Preparation

Anti-Aging White Clay Mask Preparation


Mix white clay, baking powder and yogurt inside a clean bowl.


When you have homogenous mixture, apply this mask on your face. Before applying the mask, clean your skin to increase its effect. You can apply the mask with your finger tips or with a brush.


Wait for 10-15 minutes or until the mask is completely dry.


White clay will dry and have hard structure. You can then clean your mask with warm water and cotton. Dip the cotton in water and clean your face gently.

You can apply this amazing homemade anti-aging white clay mask once a week. Apply moisturiser after cleaning the mask.

Anti-Acne White Clay Mask

Anti-Acne White Clay Mask
Homemade Anti-Acne White Clay Mask Recipe


  • 1 table spoon of white clay
  • 1 table spoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1-2 pieces of aspirin

Anti-Acne White Clay Mask Preparation


Crush aspiring and make a powder.


Mix white clay, lemon juice, and aspiring powder in a plastic bowl.


Your anti-acne white clay mask is ready.

You can apply this mask to your face with your fingers or with a clean brush. If you have acne on your skin, you need to be sensitive while applying this mask. Avoid popping your acne while applying this mask. You can use this homemade anti-acne mask for once a week.

When preparing both of the masks, you can change the amount of mask. As long as you keep the ratio of each ingredient constant, there will be no problem. Both of these masks will make yours kisn softer and smoother.

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