DIY Roll On Perfume Recipe



In this post, I want to give this amazing DIY fruity roll on perfume I have recently tried. It is super easy, super fun, and super natural.


It will only take 10 minutes to prepare this DIY perfume. This perfume is prepared with different essential oils. And it has no alcohol.

I used a roll on bottle to store this perfume. This way, it is much more easier than spray bottle when you want to apply it on your skin. Roll the perfume and you are done.

I will give you some tips about how to choose essential oils in this recipe and how to prepare your homemade perfume.

How to Choose Essential Oils

There are key thing when you are choosing your essential oils for your perfume. Every perfume has three notes: top note, middle note, and base note. Each of these notes have different fragrances and all three notes determine the overall fragrance of your perfume.


It is important to select the right essential oils for these notes. Sometimes, you may create amazing smells by combining the correct oils at correct ratio. Generally, you need to follow a certain ratio for these notes.

Top notes should correspond to 5-20% of the mixture. Middle note should have 50-80% and base notes should have 5-20% of the blend. This ratios can change based on the intensity of the essential oil you are using at each note.

Top note, sweet orange essential oil, bergamot essential oil, lemon essential oil, and grapefruit essential oil can be a good choice.

Middle note, marjoram essential oil, rosemary essential oil, or neroli essential oil can be selected.

Base note on the other hand, cedarwood essential oil, sandalwood essential oil, or bezoin essential oil will be good options. Base note should have stronger and more permanent scent. Depending on the essential oils you choose, you can create unique perfumes for yourself.

Roll On Perfume Ingredients

Roll On Perfume Recipe
DIY Roll On Perfume Recipe
  • 5 ml roll on bottle
  • 2 drops of Sweet Orange essential oil
  • 3 drops of Mandarin essential oil
  • 3 drops of Neroli essential oil
  • 2 drops of Cedarwood Atlas essential oil
  • Liquid carrier oil – you should be able to fill the 5 ml roll on bottle with this carrier oil*
* You can use coconut oil, grapeseed oil, or jojoba oil as carrier oil. Carrier oil is necessary to complete your perfume. Essential oils will give the fragrance you like but you need carrier oil to capture and absorb this fragrance.

How to Make DIY Roll On Perfume

  1. Take all the essential oils and drop these essential oil one by one. You need to be extremely careful about this process. If you pour the essential oils, you may not achieve the fragrance you like.
  2. After adding all essential oils, you need to fill the 5 ml bottle with the carrier oil. You can choose among different carrier oil options.
  3. Just shake the roll on bottle and mix all these essential oils.
  4. Your DIY roll on perfume is ready. You can now use this amazing perfume when you are meeting with your friends or going out to celebrate an anniversary. Super fun and easy right?

How to Use DIY Fruity Roll On Perfume

It is super easy to use this amazing DIY fruity roll on perfume. Just apply this perfume like a regular roll on. You can apply it on your wrists or behind your ears. You can easily use it as a normal perfume. Also, application is easier than those spray bottles since it is in a roll on bottle.

You will no longer spray your perfume in the air. Before you use this perfume, shake the bottle for couple of times. This way, all essential oils in the bottle will mix.

You can store this perfume in cool and dry places for couple of months.

Some Important Notes

There are couple of things you need to be careful about.

First, if you are using citrus essential oil as one of the notes in your perfume, there is this one thing you need to know. Citrus will make your skin sensitive for sun. So, if you will use citrus essential oil, you need to avoid sunlight. Also, it is advised to avoid sunlight for 12 hours if you apply citrus essential oil.

Another thing is if you have sensitive skin, you may want to test if you are allergic to essential oils. It is easy to make this test.

Before applying the roll on perfume on your wrists or other part of your body, apply this mixture to a small area. If there is no reaction, you can safely use this perfume. But, if there is any irritation or redness, you should not use this perfume. It may cause severe allergies.